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Quyen Linh: "I give so much to society, but am I still criticized?" | Culture

Sharing about the noises of the past, Quyen Linh said that maybe he was too sensitive. The MC male said that because he had never received these words before, he was surprised. According to Quyen Linh, he thought it was normal to make art that was praised because the public of nine people had ten ideas, could not please everyone. However, what this MC imagines and hurts in his heart is because he participates in social activities, offers much to the community, but the public is still not satisfied with him, still thinks he is a celebrity and a lover. Money makes it unbearable. Quyen Linh shared, he discovered that society is too modern, many people "scratch the keys" despite their disbelief, but do not think their temporary words sometimes haunt others.

"I've been doing art for almost 30 years and after 25 years I've been doing social programs. I'm probably one of the few antiphon people. The last batch also came from the program Do you want to dateI was sad, too. I go all over the country, but I do not have much entertainment. I want to dedicate myself more to my audience. I spent all my youth in society, giving voluntary programs of building bridges, building houses, heart surgery and people with orange, cancer agent … I was present. But many people say that I am a celebrity that makes me sad. During this livestream session I was like talking, if everyone said that, then I stopped working this year because I do not need anything at that age. I'm not passionate about fame, I'm not a person who needs a lot of money. I feel like I am not a member of showbiz because no one is doing showbiz, but wading in the rain and going to the sun. I just thought of myself as an art worker. My art is not something brilliant, my art is to bring joy to all, "he said.

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Quyen Linh came to support Nam Thu to launch new products. This is a rare moment for MCs to show up at an entertainment event. He shared this because Nam Thu had to withstand a lot of pressure, he wanted to support his spirit

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Quyen Linh said that despite being very frustrated or not allowed, he was still headed to remote areas with the desire to bring joy to all. He said, "I often wonder why I have to go like this, why I have to get up from 3-4 in the morning and wake up until 12 o'clock. Why do I have to stay in the woods, in the sunny places. When I went home there were nights when I could not stand the headache, there were nights when the pain in my stomach tormented me, or when my skin burned, black as a pan. Sometimes I think it's good to stop. But somewhere there is a sound of a child crying because of a heart attack, somewhere there is a bridge to be erected urgently. Somewhere there are people with cancer, they are lonely and have negative or negative thoughts. I fear that if you do not come to these difficult circumstances, it will be dangerous at any moment. I heard those words ringing in my ears and kept walking. Many times I wished to be 20 years old, my activities were hundreds of times over. I dream that my health is better so that I can go more. But now that I look back, my health is no longer the same as before. There are many diseases caused by such tempestuous travels that it greatly erodes my health. "

Quyen Linh shared that he did not think he was a good person, but he knew he was a good connection and created a good social effect. Quyen Linh thought because he had passion, enthusiasm. "MC Hai rice" said that because he also started from point 0, he understood what people at point 0 needed. "Not everyone can connect the sponsors. I have to go and ask for help because I have to go, so the sponsors go a lot. I have been doing social activities for many years, so I know a lot. If someone else, of course, still ask for sponsors, if I go, I may have more hearts of gold. Instead of a house, I could call some more houses, get some bikes or some kids with heart surgery, "he confided.

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Quyen Linh said he was happier and more significant when more and more poor people were helped

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"If I want to make money, what I do to go to these social programs in the city one day I can record so many programs. I foolishly sell myself to mosquitoes, to the sky and to remote areas. I can watch thousands of splendid events, pants are dressed in silk, but I do not show up. But places like this I feel lost, I do not get used to this world. If I want to interrupt, I have the strength to polish my name. I have the strength to make my eyes go down with everything. But I want to be a normal person in society so that people can look at me and live more faithfully. I only get used to the mud world, the rustic sincerity of the poor field or the hoe. For these places, I feel familiar, I like it very much. I've always wanted to live lower than everyone else. If I choose to live for myself, I stay on high ground so people are sad because they can not get up. I want to stay low so they can get close to me. I do not feel like getting rich, I'm willing to go to a remote place to bring happiness to a poor family. I can invite friends, I can go out of my pocket to help them. With my dedication, there are people who still speak that I Polish the name that makes me feel that this life is really sad, "the program leader Open the future please.

Mac Male was born in 1969 and said that after the last incident, he really knew the endless love that the public gave him. Quyen Linh said that there were thousands of viewers who wrote many comments, even sent him a message that he still can not read everything. Many audiences shed tears, trusted and hoped he could continue his career. There were even blind audiences, but they still asked others to write letters and send them to him. "It's these tears, all the feelings add spirit to me.I usually still see the audience loved and loved, but after that I know how much people love me.The audience said they would never forget me even if I took a break. There are blind people who are seriously ill but still ask other people to write letters to send me and read that I have cried.Through this I would also like to thank the audience that has always loved me.My life is very happy thanks to the public. The tears that the public gave me more than tens of thousands of roses I have received for more than 20 years.These tears are more beautiful than the beautiful wishes or honors that I have achieved, "said Quyen Linh in excitement.

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Quyen Linh shared that his children will be proud of what he is doing for society

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Male MC Beyond yourself he confided, sometimes he felt sad when they wanted to spend more time with them. But above all, the actor Bone and blood coins thinking that if he spent that time to go elsewhere, it would be possible to help many children in need. "Sometimes I do not think I take my kids to play anymore, why do not I care about them anymore? But then I was happy that my son was still young, thinking it was unknown. I can play with it later. My son was very upset many times, but I think it's fun with the joy of hundreds of other babies. I sacrifice joy for my son one day, two days, but perhaps there are a few hundred and even a few thousand children who receive free milk and give gifts. When my son grew up, he saw the images I went to work like that, listening to people say that, you will certainly be proud. And now he's a little sad, he quickly forgets. My wife is also very good at running the family, so I think so, "he shared.

Speaking about the temporary cease of art, Quyen Linh said he has been thinking for more than three years. He wants to give up opportunities for young people because he sees the younger generation getting better and better. At age 49, Quyen Linh only wants peace in life. "I was thinking about quitting after a few years, changing to become a director or producer because I also learned. I think I'm going to make fun and have no passion. In recent years, I rarely participate in programs, I only participate in programs that force me to appear so that sponsors can bring people in need or truly human programs. Those things that I do for the mind, who said anything I still do. I need something else, I want to be close to my children, I want to return to a normal world. I have lived in the limelight for almost 30 years, I have tried thousands of different roles. So much blood, tears or tripping on the stage that I had experienced, I felt I had enough. Art with me seems to be too much, I have no passion to play anymore. If I am not an artist, I will open a skills class, especially life skills. I will pass on my experiences, my living capital to the children, so that they can be strong when they enter into life. I want to give fire to the needy, who are depressed with their lives. I used to tell stories of the past, not that I told people to love me. I want to inspire people to pass, "said Quyen Linh.

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