Monday , June 21 2021

Quang Ngai: Truck crashed into people’s homes, 3 people died, many were injured – News 24h

  1. Quang Ngai: The truck hit people’s houses, 3 people died, many injuries
  2. Quang Ngai: A truck crashes into a 7-seater car, crashes into a person’s house, at least 2 people die | VTC now VTC NOW
  3. HOT: After the explosion, a truck hits a 7-seater car, lots of motorcycles and hits the house, at least 3 people die Tuoi Tre Online
  4. The truck crashed into a 7 seater with many motorcycles and crashed into the house, 2 people died Dan Tri Mobile
  5. Cars broke into people’s homes, 3 people died
  6. See panoramic information in Google News

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