Process the case of two women who died abnormally on a duck bench


Monday, February 11, 2019 17:40 (GMT + 7)

CSDT agency The provincial police decided to prosecute a case of killing two women in a duck shack to clarify the suspected murder.

Process the case of two women who died abnormally on a duck bench - 1

Sue the case of killing two women in the duck tent

On the afternoon of February 11, Col. Pham Van Ngot, deputy director of the Ben Tre Police Department, said the provincial police CSDT agency had decided to prosecute the case of killing two women in the stables to clear up the suspect. people

At the same time, continue to closely investigate and monitor suspects Tran Thanh Ho (SN 1974, Tan Loi village, Tan Phu Tay commune, Mo Cay Bac district, Ben Tre), are undergoing hospital treatment.

As the Traffic newspaper reported on the night of 8 February, Dang Ngoc Me (born in 1974, a resident of the village of Tan Loi, commune Tan Phu Tay) and Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dung (SN 1968, residing at Hoa Thuan 1, Hoa Loc commune, with the district of Mo Cay Bac) sleeping in the duck cages of Mrs. Me's family. At about 13:00 on February 9, Mrs.'s son called me, but could not . This person went to the duck cages, Ms. Me and Mrs. Dung died, immediately informed and reported to the police.

The villain was later identified as a suspect, and Tiger used a knife to kill Mrs. Me and Mrs. Dung and then went to Ham Luong Bridge to jump into the river to commit suicide. However, Ho was rescued and taken to Nguyen Dinh Chieu General Hospital (Ben Tre) for treatment and emergency treatment so far.

The case of two women killed in duck stables: Police police suspects in hospital

The man who cut his wife and another woman in the midst of the duck cage at midnight recovered and was still lying down …


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