Wednesday , June 23 2021

Prime Minister: Tighten the appointment of an inspector, fighting the "perpetual"

Specifically, the public public number 274 sent to the ministries, ministerial-level agencies, government-linked agencies and the People's Committee of the city to guide the directive of the prime minister issued on April 22 and instructed to strengthen handling and prevention. effectively blocking harassment and problems for people and companies in handling matters.

The Prime Minister felt that basically all levels, sectors, agencies, organizations and officials, civil servants and civil servants organized themselves seriously and achieved initial results, creating positive effects. in society. However, in many areas of social life, in many industries, many levels still have employees, civil servants and employees because of personal motivation, leveraging their positions, powers and gaps. , laws … harass, cause problems, even negatives, corruption in the execution of public services, causing frustration, eroding people's trust, hampering socioeconomic development.

Prime Minister: He appointed an inspector to fight the

The head of the Ministry of Construction's inspection team was arrested in Vinh Tuong District, Vinh Phuc, a few days ago because he was forced to pay for the last two months.

"Recently, there have been many negative and corrupt cases in various areas (customs, taxes, market management …) and even within the strength of the inspector of some localities and ministries and branches. is also pressing for the lack of transparency, lack of control, potential negative risks and corruption in the public service activities of some sensitive areas (investigation, judgment execution, audit, internal organization …). clearly indicated.

In this situation, to prevent pro-actively violations, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of public service activities, avoid negative corruption and in the contingent of cadres, civil servants and officials, the prime minister calls for ministries. chiefs, ministerial-level agency heads, government-related agencies, provincial / municipal people's committee chairpersons, and concerned agency chiefs focus on strictly directing and implementing the Party's resolutions and guidelines on defense. Anti-Corruption Act, the Anti-Corruption Act of 2018, the instructions of the Secretary-General, the Head of the Central Anti-Corruption Steering Committee, and the Government and Prime Minister, such as Directive No. 10.

The Prime Minister emphasized that heads of ministries, branches and localities should be exemplary and take the lead in implementing the Party and state regulations on anti-corruption. If there is a denial, corruption in their units and agencies, the boss should be accountable to the Party and the state. Agencies' leaders should regard anti-corruption as a regular, ongoing, and long-term policy task, especially important and as a yardstick for assessing compliance with each annual task. agencies and units.

Other solutions to promote the prevention and prevention of corrupt and negative behavior in the functional, police and civil service forces are to strictly implement codes of conduct and professional processes. case.

The Prime Minister noted that agencies issuing labor regulations are clear, transparent, specific and have effective control mechanisms for staff and public officials when performing inspection, inspection and audit tasks. investigation, enforcement, customs, taxation, market management … to ensure the prevention of abuse of positions and powers to harass, "stop", "general chi", serve personal engines, self-interest in public service performance

The Prime Minister emphasized that each agency and unit should strongly apply information technology to minimize direct contact of employees, civil servants and employees with individuals and companies when dealing with jobs. ; improve the use of online public services at level 3, 4. Widely deploy system recording, video recording, online cameras in places with direct contact with people, companies and regular departments to monitor and monitor regularly.

Thoroughly publicize in the mass media the hotline phone numbers to receive feedback from individuals and businesses about violations of law by cadres, civil servants and civil servants. preventive measures and timely treatment of violations.

Heads of ministries, agencies, locations and agencies should strengthen leadership, direction, inspection and oversight of weak agencies and units, especially agencies and security forces. sensitive elements in observance of Party regulations and state laws, in the implementation of public functions, strengthening the inspection and examination of the public service regime, promptly detecting and treating those cases of violation strictly.

The prime minister fully understood the resolute vision of getting out of the apparatus of degenerate, corrupt and corrupt officials, civil servants and civil servants; periodic rotation, change of position to sensitive and complicated positions according to regulations.

Government leaders also paid special attention to the selection and organization of people with appropriate qualifications, ethics and professional ability to take on sensitive positions, especially for heads of inspection and inspection teams. Investigation, audit, investigators … Other measures mentioned in public electricity are promoting the role of oversight of elected bodies, Vietnam Homeland Front, news agencies and people in the defense work. prevent negative and corruption in public service activities. Request ministries, branches, provincial committees of relevant provinces and agencies to organize this electricity strictly.

Agencies should report annually on the implementation of the Government Inspectorate to summarize and report to the Prime Minister. Government inspectors monitor and urge the implementation of Public Electricity; promptly report on the problems facing the Prime Minister.


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