Prime Minister: The press is facing fierce competition with social networks


On the evening of June 21, the 94th anniversary of Vietnam's Revolutionary Revolutionary Day (June 21, 1925, June 21, 2019) in Hanoi, the Vietnam Journalists Association held a solemn ceremony of the National Press. XIII – 2018 times.

The ceremony was attended by Politburo member and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc; former Secretary-General Nong Duc Manh; Former Speaker of the National Assembly Nguyen Sinh Hung; Member of the Politburo, Permanent Secretary of the Tran Quoc Vuong Party Committee; Member of the Politburo, secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, head of the Central Organizing Committee Pham Minh Chinh; Member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, Head of the Central Propaganda Department of Vo Van Thuong; Member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, Head of the Central Economic Committee Nguyen Van Binh …

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said during the formation and development process under the leadership of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh, with the support and assistance of the elite Vietnamese people and revolutionary newspapers grow constantly grow, always accompany the country and contribute greatly to the great revolutionary cause of the party and our people.

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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc spoke at the 2018 National Press Awards Ceremony.

In recent years, the national press has closely followed the Party's directives and guidelines, vividly reflecting all aspects of political, economic and social life; actively propagating good values, new factors, good models and practices, praising the example of good people and good deeds; bringing the friendly, peaceful and friendly image of the country and the people to the friends of the world.

Journalists are ambushing soldiers who lead the battle against false and distorting allegations, helping to protect the independence of the Father, his sovereignty and sacred territorial integrity, as well as protect Party, protecting the socialist regime; actively fighting against corruption, waste and negativity; criticize the signs of degradation of morality and lifestyle in society. Thus, contributing positively to the socioeconomic development, strengthening the defense and national security in the past.

The press has become a shocking and reliable force of the Party and the State in front of information and propaganda. With a strong team of more than 18,000 journalists who receive cards, with high professionalism and quick access to journalism technology, modern media, journalists are truly soldiers on the ideological and cultural front. as my beloved Uncle Ho taught: "Your pen is also the sharp weapon in the main career, exorcism."

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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Standing Committee Secretary Tran Quoc Vuong honored the winners of the A

For 13 years, the National Journalism Award, promoted by the Association of Journalists of Vietnam, is more professional, methodical and quality. This is a prestigious journalism award, honoring works and truly outstanding authors, warmly answered by the press throughout the country; The Party, the State and the People paid great attention to and appreciated the meaning, quality and influence in social life. The award announcement and award on the occasion of the annual edition of the Revolutionary Revolution of Vietnam is a typical and very significant event of the country's press.

With 1800 press releases from central and local news agencies participating in the National Press Award in 2018, the authors closely followed the leadership of the Party, the direction and administration of the Government and counterattacked. liveliness and richness of the country's innovative practices in all fields of social life, especially the fierce fight against corruption and negativity, denying the country's wrong and distorted claims. hostile forces.

The 2018 National Press Award Council renewed the way it objectively organized and evaluated, selecting excellent work to publish and award.

The Prime Minister, on behalf of the Party and State leaders, sent the best congratulations and thanked the great contributions of generations of journalists in the country, especially congratulating the honored journalists on receiving the prizes. National press in 2018.

On this occasion, the prime minister shared the difficulties that the press and the contingent of journalists face, especially in the context of traditional journalism, being fiercely competitive by the social network in terms of level. influence, market share of information and advertising.

According to the prime minister, the financial policy for the press still presents flaws, which need to be improved so that the press develops and contributes more to the revolutionary cause of the country.

Our country is pushing innovation, development and international integration deeply, opening up favorable opportunities, large development space, but also facing many difficulties and challenges. The task is very heavy.

Vietnam's revolutionary press needs to keep abreast of political opinions, the leadership of the Party, the policies and laws of the State, developments in the national and international situation to reflect fully, accurately and swiftly on the social life of the country, serving the revolutionary cause of the party and the people. In this spirit, the prime minister raised some questions about press work in the coming times:

The revolutionary press in Vietnam needs to promote its core values ​​of revolution and pioneering. The press must show, honestly reflecting on a dynamic and innovative Vietnamese country; Safe and friendly living environment, international integration is increasingly deepened, prestige and position in the international market continue to be improved.

Positive information should be the main line of reception in the press, although writing about corruption, negativity should also be in the spirit of struggle and construction. Focusing on propaganda about good, positive, good people, good and typical examples, replicating patriotic emulation movements associated with learning and following Ho Chi Minh City ideology, morality and style, spreading good values, building trust and consensus in society, contributing to awakening and nourishing the aspiration of a powerful and strong Vietnam.

Strengthen detection and combat corruption, waste, bureaucracy, "self-development", political degradation, ideology, morality, lifestyle and other negative manifestations in life, especially in officials and party members.

The emergence of social networks, in addition to the positive side, the status of information without verification, distortion, malicious and false information, causing harm to society is increasing, threatening to overload the information. orthodox More than ever, the press must show the basic principles of journalism: precise – mainstream – fast – verifiable, asserting the leading role and direction of press information.

Attention should be given to training, training, fostering and building a contingent of people who make a strong journal about political bravery, proficient careers, approaching modern technology journalism and professional ethics in brilliant and should consider this as a task high priority.

The prime minister suggested that the Vietnam Journalists Association closely coordinate the management agencies and press agencies to effectively understand and implement the Press Plan in order to build a professional and modern revolutionary journalism. healthy, contribute to the guiding ideology, improve people's intellectual standards, preserve the identity and development of Vietnamese culture and people in the new period.

Promoting the good results achieved by 13 times, in the coming times, the Association of Journalists of Vietnam needs to continue to innovate and better organize the National Journalism Award each year, raise the level of the Prize even on scale and quality of works; to attract more and more press work, both in ideological content and in the form of expression; honor and encourage compliments in time, worthy of members and journalists.

The Party and State always pay attention, support and continue to have appropriate mechanisms and policies to create conditions for the press to develop in accordance with the Party's policies and policies and the laws of the State, …

This year, the National Press Office received 1,810 works, including 1,671 eligible jobs, as prescribed, higher than 2016 and equivalent to 2017.

Of the 147 works included in the final review, the Council selected 106 exceptional works of art, including: 6 awards, 24 B awards, 42 C awards and 34 Consolation awards.

Regarding the quality of the work of the Prize, the Council evaluated this year, many themes are applied in an elaborate and methodological way, with the various periodical works (especially printed newspapers) accounting for an increasing rate.

For electronic journals, the new form of expression is used more and more, such as Long Form, Mega Story …

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