Pogba, De Ligt and Ronaldo are dreaming of C-24h football


Friday, June 21, 2019 00:23 (GMT + 7)

Without a meeting, both "blockbuster" Paul Pogba and Matthijs de Ligt expressed their desire to use Juventus.

Performance of Paul Pogba in MU colors:

Pogba leaves MU: Put Real, choose Juventus

On a Japanese tour not long ago, Paul Pobga publicly announced his desire to bid farewell to the United States after three years of attachment for eternal reason "now may be a good time to meet a new challenge."

& # 34; Block bombs & # 34; He landed Juventus: Pogba, De Ligt de Ronaldo and dreaming of C1 - 1

Pogba ignored Real and prioritized the return to Juventus

In fact, the future of the French midfielder at Old Trafford was questioned long after Manchester United failed to win tickets to the Champions League. He also constantly offered irrational salary claims and did not receive the approval of the leader of the "Red Devils".

Pogba's statement is good news for a number of teams who want to own him, typically Real Madrid and Juventus. According to Sky Sport Italia, despite admiring the "real team", as well as coach Zinedine Zidane, Pogba preferred to negotiate with Juventus.

The Serie A champion who once saved the 26-year-old star when he left MU in 2012. For four years, both teams won 4 Serie A titles, 2 Coppa Italia and 1 in the Champions League final.

The only issue is the £ 150 million fee required by MU. To solve this problem, the Juventus leader is considering adding Joan Cancelo to a part of the contract. The side of Portugal is a name that has been interested in the "Red Devils" for a long time, so the two sides may soon find a common voice.

De Ligt "shook" Barca, considering Juventus and 2 "big men"

Good news came to Juventus. Not only Pogba, the Serie A champion, also faced the opportunity to have another summer blockbuster of 2019: Matthijs de Ligt. The source of Cadena SER (Spain) said that the Ajax midfielder chose "Old Lady" as one of three potential cribs, alongside Bayern Munich and PSG.

& # 34; Block bombs & # 34; Massive landing at Juventus: Pogba, De Ligt, Ronaldo, dreaming of C1 - 2

Juventus are one of three clubs with the chance to have Matthijs de Ligt, alongside PSG and Bayern Munich.

Before that, Barcelona was the heavyweight contender to own De Ligt. According to Cadena SER, despite admiring the Nou Camp team, the 19-year-old star was instigated by the representative of Mino Raiola (and also representative of Pogba) for the transfer fee, the salary is not attractive enough.

PSG is also rumored to be dominant in the race to recruit De Ligt, accepting a salary of more than 12 million euros / season, but Raiola himself expressed his rebuttal.

Juventus have appointed Maurizio Sarri as their coach and hope the 60-year-old strategist will help the club stop the Champions League's "headquarters" for 23 years. With Pogba and De Ligt in formation, alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, that ambition is strengthened.

MU pampered Pogba: Salary is extremely high in Sanchez, Real is easy to lose

Pogba is MU "like a king" when a new risky contract can be signed.


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