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Pit bulls are "cold-blooded killers" who invade the house and the neighbors are hospitalized

(Dan Viet) The pit bull escapes from the cage and goes to the house and a neighbor, causing them both to be hospitalized.

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Many people near the area have sung and picked up the pit bull after it bites. Images of Nguyen Long.

The incident occurred around 10 am on 18 November in a house in Cho village, Ba Lang village, Tien Dung commune, Thuong Tin District, Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi.

Tien Dung community police leader said that at the time, a woman (owner) of almost 30 years in the village of Cho opened the iron cage to feed the pit bull. At this moment, the dog suddenly ran to bite the woman.

Seeing the owner of the dog bite, a neighbor woman named P. (under 30 years old) rushes to help, taking a bat with the dog so it does not bite. However, the pit bull is removed from the cage and bites the woman named P.

Detecting the fact that many people near the area were interrupting each other took the bat out and hit the pit bull dog shortly afterwards.

"The dog bit the shoulders, the hands of the two women. After the incident, two injured women were taken to the emergency hospital, treatment," the chief of police Tien Dung commune information.

According to this, the pit bull bites people weighing about 30 kg, bought by the owner a few months ago. On the morning of November 18, her husband came home to eat, his wife at home. When a wife brings dog food, things happen.

Pit Bull is a breed of dog breed from the Americas, raised in the United Kingdom and raised as a housekeeper and also used in dog fights. This is a fierce, aggressive and hard dog called "Cold Blooded Killer", also known as "warrior dog" or "gladiator".

In Vietnam, many people buy pit bulls to maintain their home. However, there have also been many cases of pit bull dogs biting the host, neighbors.

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