Park Min Young "50 Thai Thai remake" in your private life!


Gradually balance love drama, life fangirl and friendship "square" Your private life (translated approximately: The Secret Fangirl) continue to receive many positive reactions from the public. In particular, viewers can "scream" in silence before the kiss scene between Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) and Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) in episode 7, when he "boss" is bandaged by fangirl. and "forced marriage" in his own home.

Blindfolded and then forced to kiss "good boy" in his own home.

Previously, I was still intrigued and worried about kissing my boss.

Being eaten, falling into the air, Sung Duk Mi decided to play loudly to see if people were admiring.

The couple's first kiss in the previous episode is actually a "trick"?

Of course at the end of the previous episode, the kiss is clearly …

Still unhappy with the couple's rapid progress of petitions, Her Private Life revealed the truth about the sweet kiss in the previous episode, which was actually just a "trick." After chasing Sung Duk Mi to the roof apologize for scolding him, no doubt Ryan Gold accidentally discovers Kim Hyo Jin / Cindy (Kim Bo Ra) is watching them both. Assuming the situation quicker than Thanos snatched half the population, director Ryan Gold quickly spoke with the stalker to admire the dreamy ending of this false love.

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

Just to know next week, this kiss is actually the trick of the century.

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

All is because the legendary debt department clings forever without signs of stopping.

Having a psychological boyfriend like Ryan Gold, women were able to "rock" idols without being afraid of "blemishes."

Her private life Episode 7 is not just a hot kiss from the main couple, the moment she fangirl Sung Duk Mi was photographed with a selfie "dreaming and not thinking" with Cha Si An (One), made the association fangirl real life crying silently and completely understanding. Although he can not remove his mask by hiding his identity, Sung Duk Mi is still experiencing the happiest moment of his fangirl life. The idol guy Cha Si An is not only talented, handsome, but also super psychological, quick to accept the twisting slogan on his face, following this mysterious fangirl.

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

Someone has a fangirl …

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

… like the Cha Si An of sister society or not?

Continuing with the section that explains why Ryan Gold is the ideal lover, not only supports and feels that Sung Duk Mi is so cute when he "rocks" idols but hides his identity, he also helps Sung Duk Mi to stop Cindy hiding the identity of the "lover" in front of the enlightened eyes of a talented trainee.

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

Looking down from above with a dull look …

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

And also see really lovely "love lover".

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

Detecting the Crime of Using Sung Duk Mi …

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

The boss stopped the road in time, not letting the enemy escape.

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

Before that, when I heard that Cindy was walking in front of the house to watch Sung Duk Mi …

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

Ryan Gold also blocked the way and was pushy, demanding to chase the trainee "son of his father".

What is happiest, when the daughter is day and night only "rocks" the idol now has a lover

In addition to the three super cute moments above, the concern of Sung Duk Mi's parents' daughter is finally released. Witnessing the scene of a girl drinking a "strange boy" right in front of the house, "the girl's house" could not help but get excited, demanding that "son-in-law" eat rice to start studying each other. After exploring the background of the future son-in-law, the normal actions of Sung Duk Mi's parents failed to catch the public's attention. While Duk Mi's mother packed him with the best homemade dishes, his father gave his son-in-law one of his most precious treasures. Although it is only a rock, a strange pastime of him, but Ryan Gold completely understands the sincere feelings that the Duk Mi family gives him.

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

Surprised old parents when the girls "have" love.

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

Each box of food is boxed, the sheets of memory paper show the sincere interest of the mother-in-law.

Even hotter than ENDGAME is the remake

The precious stone is delivered by the father, hoping that the son-in-law will always be convenient in life.

Episode Preview 8 of "Her Private Life"

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