Park Hang Seo coach led the U22 Vietnam to participate in SEA 30-24h football games


Tuesday, January 29, 2019 08:32 AM (GMT + 7)

The Korean military leader will take on the responsibility of leading the Vietnam U22 team to participate in the 30th SEA Games to be held in the Philippines later this year. The goal of the LDBDVN (VFF) aims to be the gold medal, the missing title of Vietnamese football.

With the introduction of the Vietnamese national team in the 2019 Asian Cup quarter-finals and a stoppage in a spectacular match against Japan, Park Hang Seo continued to "score goals" in the world of football fans. The contract between Mr. Park and the VFF was once again evoked, even revolving around it, there were many new rumors.

Park Hang Seo coach led the U22 Vietnam to the SEA Games 30 - 1

After returning from the Asian Cup, Coach Park Hang Seo will continue to work with national teams where the biggest goal in 2019 is to help Vietnamese football win gold medals at the 30th edition of the SEA Games Photo: ASIA

More recently, there have been reports that his assistant Park Hang Seo suggested that VFF only accept responsibility for leading the national team, rather than "embracing" both U23 and Olympic teams as well as the present. If this is the case, one possibility is whether Mr. Park has the same Vietnam from the U22 for the SEA Games 30 (Philippines) later this year or not.

Through many competitions, the biggest achievement of Vietnamese football at SEA Games is just the HCB. Although it is only a youth team playground, winning the HCV Sea Games is still one of the great expectations of the Vietnamese tomb. The pressure on the VFF and SEA Games national coaches is not inferior to that of the AFF Cup.

However, switching to Tien Phong yesterday 28/1, a senior VFF leader said, there is no story of Coach Park Hang Seo "abandoning" SEA Games 30. According to this position, when signing a contract with VFF, one of the task of Park Hang Seo technician is the same with the Vietnam U22 team to participate in the 30th Games of the SEA. "The Park Hang Seo technician is a professional and also very responsible, so information like this is not accurate, nor have we received any request from Mr. Park about the new contract," said the VFF leader.

You have not yet renewed the new contract

For the "suggestions" about the need to renew the contract soon, raise the salary for Coach Park Hang Seo, VFF news reported that at the moment these issues have not yet been discussed. The reason for Mr Park's contract with VFF is the time until January 2020, which is about 1 year. "Certainly, when renewing, the new contract will have to consider the contribution of Coach Park Hang Seo to Vietnamese football in the past. We believe salary increases, like other schemes, are reasonable, but specifically how to work because this is a complex issue, "said the VFF leader.

According to the survey, not only Mr. Park Hang Seo, but the VFF contract includes "package" with the assistants along with many complicated terms. Real money is much bigger than the recently revealed numbers. For a long time, the VFF is often supported by the General Department of Sports and Physical Education to pay salaries to foreign trainers, and the others mobilize donors. In the case of Mr. Park Hang Seo, the moment of signing the contract is to vote in Germany as Vice President of Finance of the VFF to finance the payment of salary, not to use the budget of the Department of Sports.

Currently, although the post of Vice President of Finance of the VFF is held by a retired officer, there are not many great economic relations, but after the recent successes of Vietnamese football, there are a large number of companies beating Voice of will to patronize Mr. Park Hang Seo.

Following the match against Japan in the quarter-finals of the 2019 Asian Cup, manager Park Hang Seo said he will soon focus on the task with the selection in 2019. With only a very successful year with Vietnamese football, Park you probably also want to challenge in a new arena as much as SEA Games.

After Vietnam, Iran is the next "victim" of the VAR when it meets Japan.


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