Friday , April 23 2021

November 26 afternoon: VNM and Vingroup support the Securities market

After a slight increase in trading week and a sharp drop in liquidity, the market continued to enter the first trading day of the week. Demand was weak and the unilateral fluctuation of VNM was not enough to help the market recover. The VN index was temporarily below the benchmark when it closed the previous session of stocks falling in bank stocks, oil and gas.

Move to the afternoon session, after about 20 minutes of exploration, demand began to sign up to help the market to gradually recover. The increase widened after 2:00 p.m., with the appearance of some bluechips, especially the big time of VNM's "big brother" and the 3 Vingroup families, which helped the VN-Index to exceed the 920-point threshold.

In the end, HOSE was fairly balanced with 153 losers and 142 winners, The NPV index increased 3.06 points (+ 0.33%) to 921.03 points. The total volume traded was 118.73 million shares valued at 3,606.13 billion dong, down 13.94% in volume, but 17% in value compared to the previous session. In particular, data transfer transactions reached 28.28 million units, equivalent to 1624.2 billion dollars, with 12.38 million units of MSN totaling more than 999 billion units.

As mentioned above, the VNM is quite large to pull the market up. With strong domestic demand, foreign investors were buying aggressively, helping VNM to rise. In the end, the VNM rose 4.3% to VND 123,100 / share with 1.82 million shares traded, foreigners were net buyers for more than 1 million shares.

In addition, VIC contributed well to the market, VIC increased 1.5% to VND100,500 / share, VHM rose 1.2% to VND / share, VRE increased 0, 5% to VND30, 950 / share.

In addition, some major codes also traded on benchmarks such as MSN, CTG, HPG, MWG, NVL …

While the bank's stock group only slightly divided, the oil and gas group still kept the pessimistic news before the crude oil price information. GAS fell 1.84% to VND90,800 / share, PLX fell 0.2% to VND58,100 / share, PVD fell 1.3% to VND15,300 / share.

In the market, FLC led the market with 3.62 million shares and closed with the reference price of VND5,280 / share, while ASM returned to the second position, with 3.36 million shares traded. closing the VND10,500 / share, down 2.3%.

In the HNX, The transaction is very annoying. The color red maintained throughout the afternoon session, due to the lack of support of large stocks.

As a result, The HNX index decreased 0.29 points (-0.28%) to 103.98 points Total trading volume reached 29.88 million shares, valued at 415.73 billion dong, 18% in volume and 24.37% in value compared to the previous session. Put-through transactions reached 2.97 million shares valued at VND31.6 billion.

The top 10 capitalization shares, ACB and PVS gained only a slight increase of 100 dong / share, the VCS fell 2.7% to 73,000 dong / share, the VGC fell 0.6% to 16,700. CPI, SHB fell 1.4% to VND7,300 / share, NTP fell 6.6% to VND41, 000 / share.

Significantly, the bright spot VCG was quickly quenched after yesterday's trading session had triggered. As a result, the VCG reversed sharply 8.9% to the lowest level of 18,500 dong / share, with 3.78 million shares traded.

Meanwhile, the PVS was still the best trading volume, with 4.23 million shares changing hands.

At UPCoM, The moment was broader at the end.

As a result, The UPCoM-Index rose 0.23 points (+ 0.45%) to 52.11 points The total volume traded was 7.7 million shares valued at 144.93 billion VND. Put-through transactions amounted to 5.12 million units, worth 202.58 billion dong, of which the NHH agreed to 1.36 million units worth 126.9 billion dong.

In contrast to the unfavorable movements of the HOSE and HNX oil and gas groups, UPCOM shares encoded in UP rose 4.1% to VND15,100, rising 3.4% to VND15,100. VND / CP, OIL increased 0.7%, to VND13,900 / share. Of these, POW and BSR had the highest trading volume with 1.48 million shares traded and 1.09 million shares traded.

Meanwhile, after the transfer of the representative of the state capital in Vietnam Textile and Garment Group, VGT shares reverted slightly after four consecutive sessions of increase. As a result, VGT fell 1.5% to VND13,000 / share with a trading volume of 626,300 shares.


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