Notice for youth groups in Da Nang to bring news to get dried beef to sell as


On April 20, the domestic political security department of the Da Nang Police Department invited 3 people to post information made on Facebook to work and warned and dissuaded this group of young people to post information on the manufacture of dried Trung cows. Quoc made of meat people on Facebook selling goods to like.

Earlier, April 5, Facebook page N.T.V posted information with interesting content and called people to share: "Everyone, T.Q took human flesh to make that dry cow, everyone, they brought us to Vietnam, please share, do not buy wrong."

Soon after, this information attracted 4,000 actions, with negative comments, causing confusion.

Notice of youth groups in Da Nang to believe

The Department of Internal Security works with young people to make lies to like

In the investigation, the police determined, Facebook NTV used to sell online, made by Mr. LVH (26 years old) in early April 2014, with IDM (25 years old, wife of H.), NTPL and NTT (20 years old, friend of D., living in Q.Liên Chiểu, Da Nang) succeeded.

At the police station, the youth group stated, copied the contents of Chinese warnings to dried meat from a Facebook page (not remembering the account) for sentence purposes such as increasing the interaction to sell online. The group also acknowledged that this behavior was wrong, lacking legal knowledge.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, Acts of providing false information, slander, distortion, offensive honor and reputation of individuals and organizations of individuals can be fined 20 to 30 million VND.

However, in finding that these people have a good record, difficult family circumstances, little awareness, initial violations and successfully declared, this unit proposes a warning and a deterrent.


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