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School music training: weak and needy

Almost 50 comments, lectures by teachers who are teaching in schools, conservatory teachers, universities, colleges, scientists, educational administrators, Music is focused on music education during the renewal period, especially during the transition between the old music program (notes 1 to 9) and the introduction of new music programs (since 1st grade). for the 12th year); It is important that teaching music in schools is important and needs attention from many levels, ministries and sectors; Need to change the method of teacher training in pedagogical schools …

Associate Professor-Dr. Ta Quang Dong – Director of the Conservatory of HCMC, said: Music is an integral part of life. Music has a strong impact on the mind, human emotions, motivation at work, unity and beauty, but for many decades, the work of education Music in high school is not considered important. In the musical education program (carried out from 2002 to present), it reveals many limitations: teachers have less access to the program, the textbook is considered the most legal document; Students do not know about musical theory should not have the ability to decode and analysis of altitude, school …

Dr. Nguyen Long Giao, Rector of Ly Thanh Tong High School in District 8, said: "Primary school still has many difficulties for music teachers.In fact there are only one or two music teachers at school.In many schools, most of the music lessons are made by the classroom teacher.Instructions for music in the schools were not invested, equipped to attend the teaching.Mayor Bui Thien Hoang Quan of the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory said: The school is the place for the children to make music during class, but with a duration of 1 lesson per week, 37 periods / semester is very little, It is not enough for them to feel the music in general and the music in particular.

The problem of music education for high school students has been many obstacles and difficulties: the number of gifted students is low, lessons are often distracted; At the elementary level, most students prefer to learn to sing because of heavy reading of theories; In many schools, music lessons are interrupted to give time to other subjects … Dr. Vo Van Ly said: "In pedagogical institutions, the current training program must be reasonable, the balance between theory and practice, increasing the amount of time spent teaching the instrument. "

Urgent change

The project "Ethnic music education in schools in the period of Ho Chi Minh City 2016-2020" was implemented step by step with the implementation of 3 steps: Learn musical tastes and establish a club (2016 – 2018); listen, recognize, enjoy and have feelings about ethnic music (2018 – 2019); Practical practice of ethnic music (2019 – 2020). In the spirit of the project, the units will organize themselves, present to the students the ethnic musical instruments, the folk songs of the region, to know the art of singing … through the lecture. seminars, extracurricular activities. The project aims to "give students the opportunity to experiment and develop the specific aesthetic qualities of this theme (musical expression, musical sensitivity, musical analysis and evaluation, application and enlightenment", create music) and contribute to the promotion of gifted students " .

Expanding the world view, Prof. Dr. Ta Quang Dong said, "The system of teacher training as well as musical training in most European countries, America is very focused on the development of musical talents in particular and American – American in general for students.In particular, there are priorities when selecting students to enter the college entrance examination or to grant scholarships to gifted students in the field of art – physical education and sports.In the countries, teachers teach professionally trained music.Many music institutions in the world, such as Germany, Sweden, the United States, and a number of other countries, music is geared not only to the teaching of music, but also to the soil, instrumental music, improvisation or improvisation. simple composite melodies. "

"Universal music education has a great significance: helping to shape and perfect personality, physical and mental harmony. Music also contributes to the development of other qualities for students, such as patriotic education, compassion, hard work, honesty, responsibility in life … Studying Vietnamese and foreign musical instruments, preserving cultural identity and international integration, "said Dr. Vo Van Ly.

A range of solutions is offered, including how to help students become interested in learning by interacting with lectures in the classroom; update and innovate selectively to find new ways to train music teachers in secondary schools; Cooperate and cooperate in the training of quality music teachers with vocational training establishments or recruit music teachers graduating from vocational schools; Extracurricular activities should be built to attract students, step by step to teach the instrument to play the program and focus on teaching ethnic music.

Truong Ngoc Thang, Statistics: According to data from the Ministry of Education and Training, of the more than 16,000 music teachers, only 631 teachers have university degrees (3.9%), 7,271 university teachers (43%), 7,271 level teachers and almost 7% of part-time teachers, so the level of teachers in the subject of music is very limited, and the quality of teachers depends not only on the teacher's talents but also on teaching methods. Currently, the quality of music teachers is not good. "



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