Nam In suddenly "fell from hearing", Truong Giang was "shouted"


A long time of silence, Nam I recently re-exported in the form of "delayed", making the MXH wave.

But what makes people pay more attention is that the name Truong Giang was named again, although he has peace of mind with Nha Phuong. In a recent photo posted, Nam is not only displaying his sexy looks but also downloading a professional drop-hearing status, such as sending some old love.

Ngan Anh's recent state has made people vibrate. Photo: Facebook character

"Then time passed

Follow every fragment of emotions

Compassion in bitter tears

Silhouette of your past

Find nostalgia and hurt

Give me a strong day to day … "

Soon after, the girl's fans and netizens got hurt with "stunned hearing" expressing your feelings and constantly encouraging you.

Many fans commented on her encouragement. Photo: Facebook character

What makes many people notice is that the name Truong is "shouted", although the comedian's name has been quiet and peaceful next to Nha Phuong. Many netizens have criticized it and seriously "forgive" Changjiang.

Next to Nha Phuong, after the rumor of giving birth, she reappeared with a handsome appearance and a lean figure quickly.


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