"My mother is not a bad guy!"


2 months old had to go to jail with mother

The family of Nguyen Thi Thuong (born 1925) and their children live in the interior of the province of Tay Ninh. The family, despite many difficulties, still has a peaceful life.

In 1979, the disaster suddenly struck his family when at a rice mill in the village of Bung Binh, commune of Don Thuan, Trang Bang district, Tay Ninh, a robbery occurred. Shang's family was arrested in turn.

More than 4 years of investigation could not verify the offense, so the investigative agency in Tay Ninh province decided to free the whole Thuong family.

After being released, Thuong's family returned to the local topic, starting a series of painful days of newcomers being detested by people. Can not support language, Thuong's family must abandon the place of "buried together, hold the navel", go to adventure for the people. Assets associated with life such as houses, land and gardens were left behind.

The case of unfair 40 years:

Thuong's family is broken because of an unjust sentence.

Later, Nguyen Thi Thuong and her husband Nguyen Thanh Nghi took their children to the commune of Dinh Hiep, Dau Tieng district, Binh Duong province, to live and escape the fate of their defendants.

Most family members are in the position to be charged, so few dare to hire, difficult family life is even more difficult. Mr. Nghi and his children had to do all the work to earn each meal for the family.

"On that day, very miserable children, not enough to eat. Everywhere I looked, I was afraid people would know I was stuck, but everyone knew that. Some people understand that they love their family situation, Most of them are discriminated against. Health after years in prison made me look old and weak so I could not help my family much, watching the hungry and miserable grandchildren who were resentful of the researchers in the past pushed my family to the extreme. "Ms. Thuong reminded her.

Gradually, Thuong's grandchildren also came to school, but were avoided by their friends and disadvantaged, so that Thuong's grandchildren could not finish the first grade.

The case was unfair for 40 years:

Chung followed her mother to jail when she was 2 months old.

Ms. Nguyen Kim Chung (grandson of Thuong, a mother who was in prison when she was only 2 months old) shared: "This complaint to my family is very large, nothing can be compensated for. My childhood grew up in prison, watching my father and mother all day. After being released from prison, I was sent to school by my mother as many children, but always stigmatized, beating and calling me an assault, family stealing property … I can not take it anymore, so I left school. Growing up when I built my own house, not long after, my husband's family knew that my whole family had been sent to jail, so I forced my ex-husband to divorce me.

The case of the unfair 40 years:

Now Lan can claim that she is not a thief.

Mrs. Chung did not finish the sentence before Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lan (Chung's mother) turned to Mrs. Chung and said, "Loving my children, just because my parents were forced to suffer in the past, humiliation, then they have the same consequences today.Now I can tell everyone that my mother is not a thief.About half a century My family suffered all kinds of humiliation, children, from this day on, my family will be different! ".

Faith in law

Because of the harsh words that the children of Mr. Nguyen Van Dung (son of Mrs. Thuong) had to leave school early, no one would accept them now because they did not finish the first year.

The case of the unfair 40 years:

Because of unjust transgressions, Dung's son can not study well.

After many years seeking help everywhere, on April 4, 2019, Thuong's family members were given the decision to return to their status as a real citizen after 40 years of defendant status.

"When I was informed of the decision to suspend, my whole family was extremely happy, that night the whole family could not sleep and hoped it would be too fast to go to Tay Ninh to receive the decision. However, The joy of our family was not complete when my father died. Now I just hope that the Tay Ninh Provincial People's Committee apologizes and compensates my family for evil when my mother is still alive, "Dung said.

The case 40 years ago:

Mr. Nghi died while still a member of the accused.

"The day he left, he gripped my hand and reminded me to keep calling for help. Holding his hand, his hand full of scars of corporal punishment, I could not contain my tears. I am old now, my health is weak, but I continue to follow this case because I believe in justice and justice. The pain and loss of my family have suffered, I believe there will be a day of compensation. Now that the petitioner has been cleaned, I just want to have money to heal Ut because in the years when my family was in jail no one took care of it, so now it's not normal, "Mrs. Thuong said in tears.

The case of the unfair 40 years:

Although unfair, Thuong always believed in the law.

Still people in the wrong case for 40 years, still the austere faces of almost a lifetime of pain, but now they see smiles on his lips.

The case was unfair for 40 years:

sAfter 40 years of irregularities, Shang's family found a smile.

Decision of complaints to suspend

Among the people in Mrs. Thuong's family, only she was given the right decision to suspend. Lan's decision to suspend erroneously wrote the name "Lan" for "Lang", while Mr. Dung suffered a wrong year of birth and address. Particularly for the decision of Mr Nghi, because he died, he needed a legal representative to receive him. After receiving the wrong decision, Lan and Dung complained of the decision of the Provincial People's Procuratorate of Tay Ninh. Known, The Provincial People's Procuratorate of Tay Ninh replied to Mr. Dung and Mrs. Lan, At the same time, the complaint will be resolved as soon as possible.

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