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Morientes: Barça will beat Liverpool; Ronaldo has something Messi does not have

Morientes: Barça will beat Liverpool; Ronaldo has something Messi does not have

Fernando Morientes was one of the main attackers in Europe in the late 1990s, early 2000. He was famous in the Real Madrid shirt and also used other famous clubs like Monaco, Liverpool or Valencia. Throughout his career, Morientes scored 208 goals after 566 matches for the clubs. Meanwhile, in Spain, Morientes contributed 27 goals after 47 internationals.

Morientes has a huge collection of titles including 2 La Liga, 3 Champions League, 1 King's Cup, 1 Ligue 1, 1 FA Cup and dozens of other noble titles. At its peak, Morientes and Raul González formed the number one Spanish assassins and teams of Real Madrid.

During the World Football Summit Asia event that took place in Malaysia on April 28 and April 29, the Soccer News correspondent was fortunate to interview Fernando Morientes separately, a famous Spanish striker. .

News reporter: Hello Morientes, first of all is the Champions League semi-final between Barcelona and Liverpool, can you tell us which team you will support? Barcelona, ​​a great rival of Real Madrid, but also the only remaining representative of La Liga or Liverpool, a team he used to use?

Morientes: I'm also excited to wait for this game. Just looking at the line of attack of the two teams is enough to see the attraction. One side is Salah, Firmino, Mane and one side is Messi, Suarez, Coutinho and Dembele. It is difficult for me to predict which team will win or support any team.

I used to be with Liverpool, this team gave me good memories and it always made me feel familiar. So I always wish the best for Liverpool. However, as ambassador of La Liga, of course I want to see a representative of ours appear in the final, especially in the finals held in Madrid. So I support Barcelona to win.

Morientes participated in the friendly before the event

Morientes participated in the friendly before the event

News reporter: A final match in Madrid, but no representative from Madrid is also regrettable, especially when there are twice in the last five years of the Champions League final, and becomes the history of the city itself. Why do you think Real Madrid fell like this?

Morientes: In my opinion, this season not many Real Madrid players have played under their force, they have no desire and are not willing to fight for titles like the previous seasons. Hopefully next season things will change and come back as good as usual.

News reporter: Nice back with Zidane?

Morientes: That's right! There is an undeniable fact that Zidane won the Champions League for three consecutive seasons, something no one has ever done. He knows very well about the club and the players. Then, President Florentino Perez named him again. Of course, in this term, things will be much harder for Zidane.

News reporter: Perhaps, a difficult part comes from the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Morientes: I can say that. Ronaldo is a very professional player, very passionate and a great scorer.

Author and Morientes

Author and Morientes

News reporter: So the last question, between Ronaldo and Messi, who is the best player?

Morientes: It is difficult to judge who is better. Messi continues to have a spectacular season in La Liga. However, Ronaldo has something that Messi does not have, which he managed from the Premier League, La Liga for Serie A.

News reporter: Thanks for the change!

On 28-29 April in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia launched the World Football Summit Asia (WSFA) event, attended by some 2,000 delegates, including League leaders. football teams, companies, research organizations for reporters and media participants. This is the first time this event is held in Asia after three years of successful organization in Spain under the name of World Football Summit.

WSFA's goal is to become the most prominent event in the Asian soccer industry, where the most influential figures in the sport meet and discuss related issues as well as build muscle. association. Therefore, this WFSA is the subject of where the Asian football industry is – the meeting place of the Asian football industry.

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