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Wednesday, 11/28/2018 12:04 AM (GMT + 7)

Gianluca Vialli, the Italian defender of Juventus and Chelsea, is pleased to announce the good news about his health after a long period of secret battle against cancer.

The beautiful goals of Gianluca Vialli at Juventus:

Very happy news to come to world football when Gianluca Vialli The legendary Italian players Sampdoria, Juventus and Chelsea have confirmed that their health is much better after a long time secretly against the disease of evil monsters.

Juventus legend wins cancer: conquest of the World Cup

Gianluca Vialli appeared at The Best Gala Awards two months ago

Corriere Della Sera, a 54-year-old striker, said: "I'm better, it's been great, it's been a year and I can do it again." I'm not sure if the fight (with cancer) is over. I hope my story can inspire everyone who is between the line between life and death. "

Remember 2 months ago VialliAppearing in the London capital to attend the Gala awards. He continued, "Life is made up of 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we deal with it. I hope my story can help others to face what is happening right."

Gianluca Vialli Sampdoria won the championship in the 1989/90 season and was named Serie A champion in the 1990/91 season. So this famous former striker went to Juventus for four years, where he played in the final of the Champions League in 1995/96. It was also the Champions League final that Juve won.

Juventus legend wins cancer: conquest of the World Cup

Gianluca Vialli lifted the Champions League title 22 years ago to Juventus

Vialli then joined Chelsea, where he scored 48 goals in 78 matches for West Ham's West Brom before becoming the club's manager.

As coach and player, Vialli led Chelsea to the FA Cup, the League Cup, the Super Cup, the C2 Cup and the European Super Cup.

He left Chelsea in September 2000. In the 2001-02 season, Vialli took over Watford's lead but was soon fired. Since then, he has been a guest star on soccer-related shows since.

Vialli is also a good golfer and regularly participates in sports-related events, including the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship – one of the highest-paid semiprofessionals in the sport. System of European tour.

Notably, Gianluca Vialli was born into a millionaire family and he and his four siblings were raised in the 60-room Castello di Belgioioso residence in Cremona, Italy. Vialli married Cathryn White-Cooper on August 26, 2003 and had two children together.

The titles Gianluca Vialli played on:

* Sampdoria (1984-1992)

Series A: 1990-91

Coppa Italia: 1984-85, 87-88, 88-89

Cup C2: 1989-90

* Juventus (1992-96)

Series A: 1994-95

Coppa Italia: 1994-95

Champions League: 1995-96

UEFA Cup (former European League title): 1992-93

* Chelsea (1996-99):

Cup of England: 1996-97

Federation Cup: 1997-98

Cup C2: 1997-98

Supercup of Europe: 1998

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