Minh Hang constantly chooses the type of "death" footwear in The Face 2018


Compared to the other two mentors of The Face, Thanh Hang and Vo Hoang Yen, Minh Hang is in fact more subtle in terms of height. There are things she has never hidden or self-deprecating in this matter, even in reality, Minh Hang (apparently) is also proud of her modest height. If not, then why, she repeatedly rubbed her own feet with shoes that clearly do not fit right?

In the latter set, Minh Hằng a beautiful personality set, the main tone is low black / orange. The general harmony of colors can be seen more clearly by the way she chose the dress, the skirts of the legs or the straps of her sandals. However, the error is in this style. This embracing design is practically suitable only for those with extra long legs. With Minh Hang, this is the "culprit" that leaves his body more unbalanced, the leg is not much more modest.

The most legendary is the pair of punched boots she was riding in the first episode. Not just "eating less" several inches from the height of Minh Hang, it also made her legs multiply. It will be more reasonable if Minh Hang "kill" for that ugly boot or at least leave it in the closet …

The "piggy" boot seems to have stopped there. Recently, there are two times that she dressed very well, makeup, hair is beautiful, but the point of her own style black leather boots, lung and not hugging the legs. In fact, her charm and long boot are even more fragile with some sister.

In addition to the many failures mentioned above, there are many times, Minh Hang chooses the right shoes. Can be seen, with the current style of "baby pig", pointed shoes or high-heeled nude beige is more appropriate. They are light enough and at least can help her eat a little height.

Or if you want to choose more individual footwear, you can choose slippery black shoes or smooth black sandal is also extremely stable. Just go straight forward, Minh Hang need to buckle up to try with some shoes do not.


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