Messi scored twice to help Barcelona to win 3-0


Superstar Argentina scored two goals seven minutes behind, helping homeowners take a big lead after the Champions League semi-finals on May 1.

Messi (left) and Suarez help Barca to have a big lead after the first leg. Photo: Reuters.

Messi (left) and Suarez help Barca to have a big lead after the first leg. Photograph: Reuters.

Goal: Suarez 26 & # 39 ;, Messi 75 & # 39; 82 & # 39 ;.

Before the semi-final of the Champions League, Mauricio Pochettino commented: "If you look at the quarter-finals, no team is stronger than the rest, but Lionel Messi's own team will have a better chance of winning. , I want to talk about Barça If there is no Messi, all teams have the same 25% chance. " Two days after the Tottenham manager's speech, the Argentine superstar proved, his compatriot did not praise him too much. Captain Barça scored two goals against Liverpool in the first leg of the first match, despite being panting, coughing and leaving the Camp Nou with a red face of fatigue.

Five Golden Ball owners have extended the sublimation series in the Champions League after resolving the "quarterfinals" curse. Before opening a goal account, Messi's mark is not very bold. He was constantly closely followed by Liverpool midfielder Virgil Van Dijk and Joel Matip. In addition, resistance is not guaranteed due to continuous plowing with the intensity of three days per game, the 31-year-old superstar is often short of breath and foul at decisive stage.

However, when psychology is released by mixing the ball into an empty net in the 75th minute, Messi immediately sublime. Seven minutes later, Barça's number 10 made the perfect curve from a distance of 30 meters, hitting the ball in the upper corner of Alisson Becker's goal, getting a 3-0 win for the owner of the Nou Camp. The score should be darker if substitute Ousmane Dembele play the ball more accurately at a distance of more than 10 meters in the absence of a draw after a Messi pass. However, the difference of three goals is more than enough for the Catalans to celebrate on the night of May 1st.

The free Messi is 30 meters. Photo: Reuters.

The free Messi is 30 meters. Photograph: Reuters.

The joy of the Barça players, who put one foot in the final. Photo: AP.

The joy of the Barça players, who put one foot in the final. Photograph: AP

Unlike talking in the warmth of Nou Camp before the game, Jurgen Klopp was shy when he ranked Joe Gomez – a man with good defensive ability but only moderate attack – occupied the right aisle instead of Trent Alexander-Arnold's family plan. The German coach's concern is not excessive because the main attack in Barça's game is in the left wing. In the third minute, Barca created a storm from the position that Gomez maintained. Ivan Rakitic invaded the barricade and stretched himself to look at Arturo Vidal's position inside, but Matip held his foot back.

Gomez has shape and body speed, but space seems limited due to occasional main kick. The immaturity of this defense helps left-back Jordi Alba to have one of the best matches of his career. In addition to making a goal for Luis Suárez, the champion of Euro 2012 also had two passes that opened another opportunity (most of the team), but his teammates could not take advantage.

Compared to teammates on the right, Andrew Robertson has a much better match. The British left-back is the key to helping Liverpool escape by pressing the height of the host. With two midfielders dropping, the English team took the initiative to put a touch on the home team, throwing the ball to Robertson's wing before the player moved to Sadio Mane. However, the absence of Roberto Firmino, who has the ability to make walls and transfer the ball in the middle of the line, often breaks Liverpool's arrangements. They were forced to find a way out in two wings, where Mohamed Salah was encouraged to take the innovative ball. It was from a right pass from James Milner in the 35th minute, Mane got the chance to face Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, but the Senegalese striker missed.

Suarez close-up buffer in punctuation. Photo: BPI.

Suarez close-up buffer in punctuation. Photograph: BPI.

Suarez does not hide the joy of tearing the old team. Photo: United Kingdom.

Suarez does not hide the joy of tearing the old team. Photograph: UK

Valverde uses a 4-3-1-2 diagram, with Philippe Coutinho kicking behind Messi and Suarez. In the middle, the Spanish teacher tightened the middle with three midfielders, including Sergio Busquets, Rakitic, Arturo Vidal, and the intention was successful. When there is a ball, the Busquets returns to the center of the center, with two lateral defenses, turning the diagram into 3-4-1-2. Barca escapes calmly pressing the high range of the opponent with a number of players who are better than the home team. If three Liverpool attackers were to close the suspension, Barca used goalkeeper Ter Stegen to make a four-by-three kick. If six players in a white shirt make a trap by pressing, Messi backs off, increasing the number of players in the middle to seven (two midfielders, four midfielders and Messi). Although Liverpool were hard pressed, especially in the first 15 minutes of the game, Valverde's students did not have much trouble keeping the ball.

Controlling the ball, but Barca did not take the "ghost kick" as Man Utd's 3-0 victory at Nou Camp two weeks ago. ESPN Before the game, Valverde watched dozens of Liverpool matches since the start of the season and loved the idea of ​​online passes – weapons that helped City of Pep Guardiola defeat Kop. The first time applying strange football, Barca succeeded. In the 26th minute, Messi left Fabinho distracted as he walked in front of the pitch, his body tilted as if preparing to receive a cross from Alba. In a moment of hesitation, Fabinho did not rush to Barça and let Alba hit Suarez, who had just moved between the Liverpool midfield pair, then circled in front of Matip to stretch. close-up, score. Previously, Vidal had a precise attack from right to left for Coutinho, leaving the Brazilian midfielder to assist Alba.

The striking moment of Suarez is the difference between the two teams in the first 45 minutes, when all statistics show that Liverpool is equal to Barça: from ball control (48% -52%), the number of times finish (6- 5), the number of corners (once), the exact approval rate (83% -86%), the number of successful dribles (9-10), the number of successful passes (10-9). The mark was as clear as it was on the ball after 10 minutes, Mane could not bring the ball to Barca in a similar situation.

Fabinho (left) always follows Messi every time the captain of Barça receives the ball. Photo: AP.

Fabinho (left) always follows Messi every time the captain of Barça receives the ball. Photograph: AP

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Barca: Ter Stegen, Roberto, Piqué (Alena 90 & # 39; + 3), Lenglet, Alba, Rakitic, Busquets, Vidal, Messi, Coutinho (Semedo 60 & # 39;), Suarez (Dembele 90 & # 39; + 3).

Pre-unused: Cillessen, Malcom, Arthur, Umtiti.

Liverpool: Alisson, Gomez, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson, Wijnaldum (Firmino 79 & # 39;), Keita (Henderson 24), Fabinho, Milner (Origi 85 & # 39;), Mane, Salah.

Subs not used: Mignolet, Lovren, Shaqiri, Alexander-Arnold.

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