Messi helps to "copy Ronaldinho" life change just for a photo how? 24 hours of football


Saturday, June 22, 2019 00:15 (GMT + 7)

Lionel Messi with a commemorative photo of a brother like Ronaldinho, like two drops of water, helped this man really "hit the target" and they themselves could not imagine it.

Video of "Ronaldinho's copy" tells the story of how life came to life after taking pictures with Messi in Brazil:

The Brazilian football club and the Argentine club, Ronaldinho, hardly suspected that there was such a person in his life. This pirate "Ro" version still made a special impression on Lionel Messi and was grateful for this superstar thanks to a photo taken with him that helped him to change his life.

The man is called Olè è Robson (also known as Robson Sosia). Remember, before the start of Argentina's game against Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 15, 2014 at the World Cup in Brazil, Messi and his teammates were completely surprised when a fan had a face like a famous striker. During the time of Brazil, Ronaldinho appeared in the training field in Belo Horizonte.

How Messi helps

How Messi helps

Olè è Robson – "Ronaldinho Falsificado" caught the attention of Messi and Argentina five years ago in Brazil

Messi received the special attention of many fans that day. A male fan even tied the rope and kissed his shoes on the training ground.

Back to reality, Olè è Robson – a fan of Messi with a face very similar to Ro, who was "great" of the training camp of Argentina five years ago, confided in surprise that it was the encounter with the M10 at the time. made me change my life, even helping this guy buy a house like that.

Share when I was in front of the Hilton Hotel in Sao Paulo (Brazil) – where Argentina and Messi are "parked" to participate in the Copa América 2019, "the fake version Ronaldinho" said he wanted to meet Messi again to thank this star because unexpected grace brought him: "My life has been very different since then.

That day was a break, a unique moment, many things happened to me after that photo, my life changed. Because of Messi, I was able to buy a house, thanks to him, I was hired to film, attend events and participate in many other things. That's why I came here to thank you or to see if I can approach him again. "

How Messi helps

How Messi helps

How Messi helps

"Ro pirated goods" is famous for taking pictures with Messi

Messi – the idol of Robson and Argentina was disappointed when they lost 0-2 to Colombia at the start of Group B of the 2019 Copa America. But hopes of the quarter-finals of "Albiceleste" remain to play well in 2 games Meet visitors from Paraguay and Qatar who reach the top of the top teams, second place or 2 of 3 teams, finishing third with the best results.

Argentina - Paraguay:

(7h30, 20/6) Argentina and Messi face a technical colleague when they are on the wall.


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