Men and women caught fire like torches on the ground, suspected of self-destruction Security and order


At 7:15 p.m. on April 17, a couple of men and women in their 30s driving bikes 59M1 – 673.37 go to the vacant lands in the planning area of ​​An Hung Su Dong Park (District 12 Dong Hung Thuan District) to speak.

After a while, these two people were supposed to hold a gas tank as they poured over them and lit the fire. Both turn into live torches in seconds.

The men and women flared like torches on the floor, suspected of self-immolation - photo 1
The functional forces then present an autopsy, determining the cause of the incident. Photo of HT.

The people around him discovered that he was complaining, asking for help. Some people find ways to get water and fire clothes. A couple of severely burned men and women were taken to the emergency hospital later.

Local functional strength was also present locally, discovering the bike with a black plastic fuel burning can.

"At that time, I heard the scream, looking out and seeing a pair of burning men and women huddled in the grass. Around many people trying to extinguish the fire, "said a witness.

The cause and identity of the victim are being clarified.


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