Maurizio Sarri also knew how to change


Chelsea beat rivals 2-0 at Stamford Bridge to bring some hope for the future of this season and ease pressure on coach Maurizio Sarri.

The former Napoli coach urged players to increase attack speed – but he found that it was not certain that his students would continue to play continuously on the fronts. Especially, I have to work with Manchester City in the Carabao Cup last weekend.

sound player demanding change sarri - Football

Pedro brought joy to the coach in the victory against the rivals of the city.

Sarri admits: "At the beginning of the match, we attacked quickly and pushed the team. After that, it was very difficult because three days ago we had to play for up to 130 minutes.

So the players suggested that I slow down and knock the team down a bit, Of course I agreed immediately because I realized the problem.

My players played very well in the final against Man City and in the Europa League with Malmo – in the last three games we played very well.

sound player demanding change sarri - Football

Maurizio Sarri also knows how to change, Blues fans have more hope in the future.

The man who founded the school "Sarri-ball" also said that speculation around his work is imprecise. The 60-year-old is not interested in what the press has said about Chelsea's future.

"With this job, you're under pressure every week or every month. If it takes up to 6 months to lead a team that happens to be the problem I'm facing, then you should feel lucky. So I feel like everything is very normal.

"If you lose two games, three consecutive games will put you under a lot of pressure. It's the same everywhere. However, with a great club like Chelsea, expect more. You need to try to please the Board of Directors as well as the "

This weekend, Chelsea will face Fulham at Craven Cottage. And the blues need to bring another win to stabilize Sarri's chair. Because he should know, boss Roman Abramovich does not have much patience. Many predecessors are talented, but if they do not bring satisfaction to the Russian billionaire and enthusiastic supporters, they should be ashamed.

Hung Bien | 21:45 February 28, 2019


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