Malaysian fans angry, posting TV pictures on the social network after the team lost to Vietnam


Witnessed the team lost 0-2 before the Vietnam team in the third round of Group A – AFF Cup 2018, Malaysia fans expressed great disappointment. What made them feel so inhibited was the fact that Tan Cheng Hoe's army did not show the greatest fighting spirit in 90 minutes in My Dinh. They claim that players are very safe and do not have the guts, the team just passes the line without attacking.

After the match, a fervent fancier expressed anger by posting a photo of his TV being crushed on his personal page. Maybe this guy was very frustrated when the team saw the ball for 66% but only 1-2 dangerous situations in the game.

I do not know if this is really the guy's TV, but I hope he can keep calm in how the AFF Cup of Malaysia this year is still very long. Because of a battle in the group stage we have to buy a new TV is also a small fee.

Malaysian fans angry, posted TV pictures on social networks after the team lost to Vietnam - Photo 1.

In addition to criticizing the team, a spectator pointed out that goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi was too slow to face his attackers. However, there are also people who have given the Malaysian team the encouraging words and hope they will soon regain their spirits.

With this defeat, Malaysia fell to third place in Group A, with the same 6 points, but less than the difference between the main teams of Myanmar and Vietnam in the second place.

Malaysian fans angry, post TV pictures on social networks after the team lost to Vietnam - Photo 2.

Some other comments from Malaysian fans

Angry Malaysian fans post photos on social media after team lost to Vietnam - Photo 3.


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