Wednesday , March 3 2021

Liverpool vs Leicester are in danger of being postponed

Liverpool vs Leicester are in danger of being postponed
Snow is falling heavily in Liverpool and Manchester, closing the airports. Liverpool fans arriving in Anfield cheering for the team in the game against Leicester will have to change their travel schedule (according to the plan to happen tomorrow morning in Vietnam). Even many fans of The Kop are worried that the match will be postponed.

A fan commented in the social media: "Snow is expected to fall in Liverpool, heavy and long hours. Will the game be postponed?" Others questioned: "Snowfall in Liverpool = No match tonight?".

A fan at Anfield Stadium to monitor the situation said: "Get out after 30 minutes at Anfield, the snow is rampant at Liverpool right now, I just hope the weather does not stop the match." for ".

Earlier this week, climate experts and rescue organizations warned that many areas in the UK would be seriously hit by snow. They warned: "Drivers will face dangerous conditions because the cold weather has reached England. If you have to leave, bring blankets, shovels and food in case you get stuck." .

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