Liverpool: Destiny the champion?


Liverpool: Destiny the champion?

In it, Klopp striker Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino are the center of all attention, but just mentioning them is not fair in the great journey of the Premier League to this day. .

Liverpool showed strength, resilience after resistance, stubbornness and stability since August, and evidence is that the Kop only failed once after 32 rounds against the strongest rivals. City of man. Being on top of the table in the context of the Premier League with 6 more rounds worth.

However, real power is sometimes not enough for a champion. In the midst of Anfield's most eager fans and thinking of a draw scenario – which means putting themselves in a difficult position in the championship race – fortunately helped them win. Is destiny destined for Liverpool?

Liverpool this season has no more regular rock appearances like last season, but defense stability and reduced "heat" in gameplay can be seen as a more up-to-date Klopp update step, helping self-respect. The pride of the English port city approached the first national championship since 1990.

Even so, the result may have been much darker if Moussa Sissoko did not finish the game in a two-on-one position, Virgil van Dijk just backed goalkeeper Alisson in front of the scoreboard. is 1-1. Two moments of luck are decisive, in a vital game.

Tottenham not worth losing, Liverpool does not deserve 3 points, but who cares? It is important that Klopp's teachers and students return to the top of the table and still maintain tremendous pressure on Man City on the championship track. Liverpool in the second half against Tottenham was no longer the same, but they still won. That is the fate of bravery.

This season often fortunately stayed on the Liverpool side. Who remembers the penalty at the end of the match lost by Riyad Mahrez in his match against Man City in October, helping Kop keep 1 point? Or the incredible mistake of England's number one Jordan Pickford in the Merseyside derby, the match that lasted almost 95 minutes before – did Everton leave Anfield empty-handed in December?

Perhaps no one would understand Pickford's feelings when he was with Lloris. Just as Sissoko sympathized with Mahrez's penalty. I do not understand how evil it is to make them fail at the most important moments, and before the Liverpool opponent. These strange mistakes, plus the strength of Klopp's teachers and students, drew a daring portrait of a champion candidate.

When asked about the fate's help, Klopp just smiled, "Do not think so complicated, if you look at other teams, everyone will experience things like that." The current results come from the hard work of the entire team. not goals is not as important as the position where you are at the table. "

Just winning against Cardiff's "red light" midweek, Man City will return to Liverpool's top spot on the main road. But as so often this season, the situation only made the Red Brigade more confident and motivated, because they possessed a steel spirit, enduring and brave.

And that spirit shows the most daring in the race as no tomorrow left-back Andy Robertson. By the time of Scotland's downfall, with a heavy defeat in Kazakhstan and a 2-0 win at San Marino, not enough to ease that sadness, Robertson's excellent performance was a rare pride. pass to the football fund of this country.

The former Hull City defender played a lot of effort against Tottenham, making it a nightmare for Kieran Trippier during the first 45 minutes of tremendous speed and quality passes, one of which brings the first number goal to Roberto Firmino. Not to mention Robertson's ten-goal defense before the end of Christian Eriksen saved a Liverpool goal.

At the end of the great battle at Anfield, people saw everything that needed to be seen on the home team, from the professional quality, the brightness of the stars, the calm of the players, the ardent passion. of the army that wants to win the biggest championship of fog … and also luck. Maybe the Liverpool season has come. At least fate is favoring them over rival City.


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