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Sunday, February 10, 2019 4:45 p.m. (GMT + 7)

(Man City live football – Chelsea, 23:00, February 10, 26th Round Premier League) Sarri Coach insinuated the fight against the mighty Man City.

Man City Live Football - Chelsea: Higuain Will Do Something - 1 0 to 0 Man City football live - Chelsea: Higuain will do something - 2
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Higuain will do something

"Above all, Higuain needs confidence. He also needs a good relationship with his teammates and coaches. Sometimes Higuain needs a message from the coach in the press room.

Today, Higuain is very sharp. He can have half the season very well. As everyone saw in the last game, Hazard regularly passes the ball to Higuain. They speak the language of football in general and I think Higuain will be increasingly important for Chelsea, "said coach Sarri.

"Master of Monsters" Sarri revealed tactics

"We have a new striker (Higuain instead of Morata.) We can offer other tactics, but we can also play with a virtual number 9". .

Guardiola's team will control the game because they have the best midfielder in the world with Fernandinho, De Bruyne, Silva or Bernardo. But we are also people who like to hold the ball, so this will be a very difficult game and need to make a difference, "said coach Sarri.

Man City Live Football - Chelsea: Higuain Will Do Something - 5

Which star will shine?

Pep is ready to take down Chelsea, beat Liverpool

"I know that in the last five or six years what happened to the champions is not good, they are all dethroned, they can not defend the Premier League title, but now we are still in the championship team, which is what Enthusiasm me this season.

Video for the pre-match Man City – Chelsea:

Man City - Chelsea: dream and run of the Prince Top 4

(23:00, 10/2) Each team has its own goal in this battle.


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