Lichia as much as the main shock of price increase, up to more than 70,000 VND / kg-News


The price of high quality lychee in the district of Luc Ngan is sold at the highest garden price of more than 70,000 VND / kg.

The main lychee price is still stable at a high level of 30,000 to 60,000 VND per kg. The peak is sometimes sold for 70,000 VND per kg, often larger than in 2018.

According to statistics from the Department of Industry and Commerce of Bac Giang, by the end of June 16, total fabric consumption is 85,480 tons, total fabric revenue is estimated at 3.499 billion.

Paper is about to reach the end of the world, when you go to 70,000 dong / kg - 1

The initial price of Bac Giang cloth ranges from 40,000 VND – 60,000 VND / kg but almost harvested

In the main season, lychee prices are high compared to many years ago. With this price, the lychee specialist Bac Giang has kept a steady price at a high level (since the beginning of the season so far). On average, each mature lychee harvested about 120-150 kg, the garden owner collected at least VND 3.6 million. It is expected that the main lychee harvest this year will last until July 5.

"Since the beginning of the season so far, my house has sold fabrics in the garden for 35,000 – 60,000 VND / kg. With the price about 5 times higher than the previous year, the income of 3 tons of cloth this year equals 15 tons of cloth last year "- he Nguyen Van Ba ​​(Commune of Quy Son) excited above mentioned Youth.

In addition to the value that litchi brings, the service industries that accompany it also bring significant value, accounting for almost a third of the 4.5 trillion. Specifically, according to data provided by the Department, income from Styrofoam, stone, transportation, electricity, labor, restaurants, hotels, banks and other services is estimated at 983 billion VND.

Paper is about to reach the end of the world, wool at 70,000 dong / kg - 2

Along Highway 31, passing Kim Street, Choc Town, dyed red, has become a gigantic fabric market. Stock Photo: New Age

Essential goods for the export of pepper such as stone trees and foam boxes also have to raise prices due to high demand. Stone trees in local workshops range from VND 35,000 to VND 45,000 / tree; Small foam containers cost VND 28,000 – 30,000 / piece, large ones are more than VND 2,000.

Lychee exported to China is largely under the main line. China market represents 90% of the export of lychee from Vietnam, in addition, Bac Giang thieu litchi is also exported to some countries in the Middle East, EU, Russia, America, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia …

Nearly 240,000 VND of lychee in Japan, what's so special, but so expensive?

If you look outside, no one thinks that these lychees are priced so "heavenly", only the giants have the opportunity to enjoy it.

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