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Legend of the continent, is it worth it? (Term 3) – soccer 24h

Tuesday, April 30, 20100 00:01 (GMT + 7)

Son Heung Min is the brightest star in Asian football, but the Korean striker deserves a leg in the Temple of Legends?

Son Heung Min is the most famous Asian star in the world. He is the pride and the new symbol of the continent, which is considered underdeveloped compared to other continents in the world of football. Let's learn more about Son Heung Min through the series from April 28th!

Son Heung Min goals in Premier League

In the last ten years, Asian players are no rarer in major European leagues. Fitness, fitness as well as tactics between the football platforms of the two continents are gradually approaching. Of course, European football is still dominant, but Asian stars are also proving they can invade the old continent.

Asian Superstar Son Heung Min: Legend mainland number 1, is it worth it? (Term 3) - 1

Son Heung Min is making rain in Europe on Tottenham's shirt

The brightest name is currently striker Son Heung Min. The Korean player is flying high with Tottenham in the Premier League and in the European arena. "Rooster" is currently third in the most acclaimed national championship on the planet, while still reaching the semifinals of the European Cup.

It is worth mentioning that Son Heung Min is the current factor of success. Harry Kane suffered several injuries this season and without the performance of the Korean striker, Pochettino's teachers and students were at a standstill. Usually three goals against Man City in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, which are decisive moves to help Tottenham continue.

The remarkable progress of Son Heung Min is anticipated. Fitness and good physical strength helped this striker to adapt to adverse environments while he was determined to reach the summit was always burning on the chest of the Korean striker.

One question is whether Son Heung Min deserves to enter the temple of Asian legends with men like Shinji Kagawa, Park Ji Sung or Hidetoshi Nakata?

Asian Superstar Son Heung Min: Legend mainland number 1, is it worth it? (Term 3) - 2

Park Ji Sung or Kagawa who won the championship with the club and son did not

In terms of influencing the club's style of play, Son can safely "break" two Japanese players. Kagawa and Nakata have achieved certain successes in their careers, but have never made the impression that Son Heung Min is doing at Tottenham.

Currently, the 26-year-old striker can proudly teammate Park Ji Sung, a former MU player. Son Heung Min is taking the same development steps as "Park Three Lungs" when starting from the bench and gradually becoming the main factor in the team.

However, the title is what the Son does not compare to men. The Korean striker has not hit Tottenham once, while Nataka has a Series A championship and a Cup of Italy, Kagawa has two Bundesliga championships, a Premier League championship. Park Ji Sung has 4 Premier League champions, 1 Champions League, 1 FIFA World Cup with MU

Even in terms of national competitions, Son could not compare anyone when he only succeeded in youth tournaments. The last time the 26-year-old could not help Korea crown the 2019 Asian Cup and was soon eliminated from the 2018 World Cup.

To really claim his name, Son Heung Min needs a championship and this striker has a great chance. Tottenham only have to face Ajax in the Champions League semi-final, is a rival to "Rooster". The final prize for the most prestigious tournament on the old continent is extremely brilliant and the Korean striker needs to take advantage of this opportunity.

Son Heung Min dreamed of winning Cup C1: Can Golden Ball compete with Messi?

Son Heung Min is fully capable of competing for the Golden Ball.

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