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Le Phuong feared increasing to 25kg before giving birth and how to handle the adorable way of her husband


The actress has a delicious sharing of rice before giving birth to her second child in August 2019.

VIDEO OF THE WATCH: Le Phuong demonstrates the ability to sing, making people admire.

In August 2017, Le Phuong married his 7-year-old husband, Pham Trung Kien, after breaking the marriage with actor Quach Ngoc Ngoan. The life of an actress turns into a new page when she is spoiled by Trung Kien, taking care of the ink. She often shares happy, happy moments on social networks that make people jealous. Le Phuong is currently pregnant with her daughter in the 7th month.

Le Phuong and Trung Kien are eagerly waiting for their daughter to be born.

– Hi Le Phuong, how is your feeling when the second child is born?

Phuong felt very comfortable. My husband and my family are looking forward to the birth of my baby. Everything was prepared, the couple also found a hospital suitable for tuberculosis.

– Last time, Le Phuong was praised as a more fresh and cheerful person, despite his belly "overtaking". Can you share a little bit about this?

Phuong thought that the weather was very influential in appearance. When pregnant with the second baby, Phuong spent a lot of time going out, meeting friends, traveling. Phuong used to go home to play with Ca Phao or take her to Saigon. That's why the weather is comfortable, people get more comfortable, so the public feels the freshness.

Although the pregnant belly "outgrown" but Le Phuong still made people confuse because of the fresh and beautiful spirit.

– Speaking of Ca Phao, what is your baby's reaction to the information of the pregnant mother and about to give birth to a baby?

Ca Cannon is very happy, eager to yearn for his mother's birth. She always asked: "Mom, when are you going to give birth?"Even though I have not seen you all day, just say"I miss you so much.","I love you very much"Ca Cannon is a very loving child, so when Phuong has a baby, it does not affect her psychology, on the contrary, it helps her to be more responsible, to love and to set an example for her.

– Be pampered by my husband, be able to go out and travel … but Le Phuong still faces some difficulties and struggles during pregnancy?

Phuong thinks it's mainly because of health, because the day of Phuong's birth is gaining a lot of weight. Or there are common problems of pregnant women, such as difficulty sleeping, fatigue, back pain … But there are obstacles in life, Phuong has nothing to think about, but … very free, always thinking What to eat today, what movies watch, what to do … There is nothing sad.

Le Phuong's biggest difficulty during pregnancy was that she was … too free.

– Currently pregnant in the seventh month, Le Phuong gains a lot of weight?

Very (laughs). Currently, Phuong's weight is about the same as when she was about to give birth to Ca Cannon while she was pregnant for 7 months. Over the next 2 months, Phuong would have increased to about 25 kg at that time.

Phuong works as an art, so the problem of appearance and physique is very important. Phuong also knows that after birth, losing weight is very tiring, but now his health is more important, so Phuong continues to eat well and sleeps, obeys the doctor's regimen, as the doctor asks how to try to follow.

Honestly, even Phuong herself felt heavy and tired when she thought about losing weight, but she had to accept it because she was healthy and beautiful. If I do not lose weight, I hope to play a role for myself.

Recently, people often provoke Kien's fat. But people do not know that he loves his wife to eat alone, eat so much, so he decides to eat with his wife so that both are fat. Out on the street, people say they're fat (laughs).

Le Phuong gained a lot of weight and said she was tired of thinking about losing weight after birth.

"What do you have in mind about children?" Will it stop for 2 children or give birth again?

It seems that Mr. Kien does not like to give birth anymore because he thinks having two children, enough to satisfy his needs, is enough. Just try to focus your energy and potential to create your children well. Kien does not have an ordinary childish opinion – his own son, and he shares that Phuong is extremely pregnant, so he does not want to be born again.

However, Phuong really wanted to give birth to a boy, of course, he did not receive until then. However, Phuong thought that Kien said it was true, the two children concentrated on creating more than giving birth much. But after good health, stable economy, heaven has more children, Phuong finds the happiest, because the two families have the idea that children will be more and more happy.

While the young husband did not want to have more children, Le Phuong wanted another boy.

– Recently Le Phuong has many "stoned", depreciative elements. Even young husband Trung Kien suffers criticism. Why is Le Phuong still trying to argue with anti-fans on social networks?

Even before, when Phuong was working, but Phuong had free time, Phuong was still online to read the comments. With words that are not positive, provocative or searching, Phuong is still ready to respond. The answer here is not that we are talkative, we use poor cultural words, but to express our own opinions. Each person has a different life, circumstances, no one can understand it well, so never comment, evaluate, give me the right to teach others.

Phuong is an artist, Phuong can not talk arbitrarily to satisfy his anger, but at least Phuong has to let them know that the artist is also human, also has feelings and views. Phuong's point is that everyone loves me and my friends respect me.

When there is time, Phuong still tries to hit Like, respond to everyone's comments. But when I met people who did not like me, I spoke indifferently.If you do not like it, do not see the page of Phuong or be silent because when you can not say good words, be quiet".

The actress confessed to the election, but was still willing to respond to comments from fans on social networks.

"If we can not argue, how does Lê Phương solve this?"

If it is more severe, Phuong blocks Facebook. This does not mean that I'm scared, but that Facebook is clean, be light, but I do not know how to understand each other and waste time, tired of things that are not. Sometimes, in the thousands of comments, there are only a few negative comments, but I leave my mind, while the positive comments I think are obvious. So Phuong appreciates what he has, trying to get rid of the negative things in life.

At this time, Phuong always looks forward to the most positive things, even though there are many things that make me sad. Phuong is trying to behave, thinking from the perspective: "Everything will be resolved according to your attitude".

– Thanks to Le Phuong for taking the time to share!

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