Korean legend fears being overtaken by Vietnamese football in t


In a recent analysis, the legendary goalkeeper Choi In-young of Korean football talked about the changes of the Vietnam phone under the coach Park Seo Hang.

Korean legend fears being overtaken by Vietnamese football in the future

Vietnamese football constantly creates surprises in regional and continental tournaments under the leadership of Park Hang Seo. This caused the Red Army not only to receive the praise of the national media, but also to admire the international experts.

And in a recent sharing on Korea's Inter Football website, legendary goalkeeper Choi In-young made his comments on the potential of Vietnamese football after the 2019 Asian Cup.

Korean legend fears being overtaken by Vietnamese football in the picture
The Korean legend is concerned about the incredible progress of Vietnam

He confided: "In the defeat of Iraq, Vietnam Tel has 2 times to lead the first, they play with unique tactics without showing fear in front of the second strongest team."

Currently, the Vietnamese team plays a defensive football when finding a strong team, but always tries to attack with counterattacks. At that time, many players will join the attack and seize the opportunity to do their best. "

Choi also pointed out the difference in how to play football between Vietnam and Korea. "The way you play Vietnam is completely different from Korea when you face a strong opponent. Korean football often does not show many threats because there are few players involved in the counterattack. I think using counterattack is something that Korean football can learn from Vietnam. "

Finally, the 56-year-old said Vietnam could threaten Korean football in the future if it continues to invest more heavily.

"Korea is still the power of Asia, but I'm feeling insecure when Vietnam can get closer to Korean football." Even in this tournament, Chinese football shows the development there is limited, but Vietnam has shown positive signs, "he said. the former Choi In-young.

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