Jeff Bezos, Trump's "Whirlpool" for his divorce, must split his fortune


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President Jeff Bezos, Trump's "vortex," is a clown after the most expensive divorce in history. (Source: Reuters / Joshua Roberts / Susan Walsh / AP / Business Insider)

In a series of social networking posts on the weekend night, Trump has always expressed his joy over the impending divorce of the planet's wealthiest billionaire Jeff Bezos with his wife, MacKenzie. The president even gave Bezos the nickname of "Jeff Bozo," Bozo is a famous American clown character.

Earlier, Trump, who married three times, told reporters he thought the divorce would be "a beauty."

In his tweet, Mr. Trump seems to mention the National EnquirerThe tabloid has posted photos of Bezos with former TV presenter Lauren Sanchez and the messages billionaire Bezos sent to Sanchez.

According to the sheet Business InsiderThe Enquirer is an old ally of Trump. Some news agencies even speculated that Trump was behind the investigation of Bezos' billionaire alleged adultery.

Trump long dissatisfied with billionaire Bezos, who bought the pamphlet The Washington Post, a publication has continually reported negative news about the administration of President Trump.

leaf The Washington Post has just posted an article over the weekend to show that Mr. Trump has hidden his meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, even senior officials do not know it.

After that, Mr. Trump called the news agency Fox News on the night of last weekend to discuss this article, and say, "I do not hide anything, I do not care about this fabricated news."

Trump also has a hostile history with Amazon by Bezos' billionaire. Specifically, the news site Axios He once reported that Trump was "obsessed" with overthrowing Amazon.

Specifically, Mr. Trump warned Amazon when it said that the company had exclusive acts in the online retail market and in the cloud. He also accused Jeff Bezos of buying leaves The Washington Post with the aim of evading taxes and having the purpose of political influence.

Earlier, on Twitter's Jan. 9 account, billionaire Jeff Bezos announced his decision to divorce his wife, the novelist MacKenzie, after 25 years of marriage. With that decision, billionaire Bezos will probably have to split the $ 137 billion with his wife.

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