It is a great beauty, but Liu Yifei is considered the worst home because …


Known for the nickname of billions of dollars, anyone doubted that Liu Yifei's beauty was "drowned" by the family members themselves.

Beautiful beauty and professional dance talent of Liu Yifei's mother.

The career of actor is less impressive, but what Liu Yifei left in the audience is pure and pure beauty. For this reason, the beauty called by the nickname "billions of billions" implies emphasis on the rare and beautiful beauty of escape. But few know that, Liu Yifei is probably the most beautiful of the hearts of fans, the most beautiful of many beauties of the same time, but the worst in his home. Parents, aunts or grandmother more distant from a beautiful woman who was born in 1987, all have a beauty that penetrates people's hearts, little correspondence. As Liu Yifei said, his family is like a beauty pageant.

The prince of Liu Yifei, the beauty of recent years, still captivates people.

Grandmother Liu Yifei

The beauty of Liu Yifei seems that many people will guess that his grandmother is beautiful, but this level of beauty is unexpected. My grandmother in 1987 had a gentle look with large round eyes, oval face, beautiful little heart lips. It's really beautiful appearance, Liu Yifei's grandmother is definitely a cult beauty at the time.

It is difficult to see any other image of his grandmother Liu Yifei out of this black and white photo. But only that can recognize its slanted beauty.

Mother of Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei, fortunately, possessed a pure beauty of escape, many people said that came from his mother – Ms. Liu Xiaojun. Ms. Liu Xiaojun brought gentle, presentable beauty and the radio. As a young woman, Liu Xiaobo was a talented dancer, dance instructor at the Wuhan Academy of Drama. She is fluent in world dances, especially ethnic, classical, ballet, and is invited to visit many places.

The beautiful beauty of Mrs. Liu Xiaojun.

Because of the opportunity to travel many places, Liu Xiaojun met and met An Thieu Khang – a man who was talented and current at the time. Despite the bans of the giants' family, Liu Xiaowen still married An Thieu Khang and gave birth to Liu Yifei. However, his marriage did not last long, only a few years and then broke.

No one can take their eyes off this salt beauty.

After the divorce, Liu Yifei's mother went to the US because she wanted her daughter to be the best. At that time, Yifei was also renamed after his mother's surname. Ms. Luu Hieu Loi is the guide, instructor and facilitator for your daughter to get in touch with the arts from a young age. Currently, she is also the manager of Liu Yifei, always closely following, supporting her pet daughter in all activities.

Liu Yifei took pictures with his mother as a child.

Father of Liu Yifei

His father was a professor who taught French at Wuhan University, then became secretary general of the Chinese embassy in France. Luu Yifei's family has many people who still hold large positions and play an important role in the country. This is also the reason that almost the family image within Liu Yifei is not revealed.

The rare black and white photo of Liu Yifei's father surprised everyone because he was handsome and not inferior to any actor.

Aunt of Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei's aunt, Chu Van Quynh, also possesses the beauty of "diving fish" with enviable envy. In the past, Chu Van Quynh used to be a beautiful person who invaded the small screen in the 1980s.

It was Van Quynh's bright eyes and sweet lips that made the man stand still.

Thanks to beautiful beauty, Van Quynh entered the entertainment industry in 1984 and quickly became famous.

But while the name is on the rise, she suddenly came to the US and participated in drip activities for Chinese people in the United States.

Seeing the image of Liu Yifei's family, there were many people who left funny comments like:

– "She is the most beautiful mother of Liu Yifei, she has grown much compared to her mother."

– "Is there a family of 10 10? Yifei Liu Yifei is really beautiful, I collapsed when I saw the photo of the father Liu Yifei.

– "Fairy family or what? It's kind of boring up there, so the whole family slows down the drama time, right?

"My beautiful mother Liu Yifei, I swear I did not see anyone in my middle age sitting next to my daughter, 20 years old, no less sharp, better yet."

– "When you go to the street, you are a billion billion gods, but coming home becomes an octopus because your parents are real"

"Parents, grandmother, aunt … everyone is prettier than Liu Yifei. Oh god, Liu Yifei did not know the worst person.

Despite the "bad" reviews at home, the first beauty of Liu Yifei is the dream of many people. Over the years, although there are many new factors appear in the entertainment industry, but almost no one can afford to outdo the atmosphere than the beauty people in 1987. Even beauty is still young. radiant, beautiful and younger, so what secret did you have to reverse aging?

Liu Yifei said, she has no special recipe, they are very easy and can be home-made, any sister can do.

1. Dance

Dance is an art that not only works well for your health but also helps your body to be flexible, firm and relaxed to help you prolong your youth and slow down the aging process. The dance helps relieve nervous stress, helps you relax and thus the aging process is also minimized. When the body is flexible in the rhythm of the dance, the blood circulates, the nervous system becomes relaxed.

2. Protein rich nutrition

No matter how many cosmetics you use, how expensive they will not make you look fresh if your diet is not enough. Therefore, you should worry about the diet to preserve beauty and the physical.

3. Breast massage

Round 1 massage is one way to help make the first round steady, in addition, it makes your blood circulate better to help you feel healthier and younger. In addition to eating lots of meat, fish and dairy products, she also comes to the spa every week to rejuvenate the first massage as well as help the body flexibly.

4. Drink plenty of water

Water is an important ingredient to help improve your skin. Wrinkles will appear more clearly when you are dehydrated, drinking water will help the skin to get adequate moisture, in addition to tightening the skin cells and will probably look younger.

5. Swimming

Swimming is not only a sport that helps strengthen the strength and endurance of the tendons, but also a sport that is extremely effective in body shape and physical shape, while helping to achieve a body shape. Perfectly, it can help you relax after a tiring work schedule.

6. Wash the face with warm water first, then the cold water

When washing 90% of women, they do not follow this rule. "Billionaires women" use warm water with over 30 degrees of massage for 10 seconds to dilate the pores and use the cleanser. After that, she used cold water to rinse the pores.

With these skin care, diet and sports, beauty born in 1987 is young and beautiful as 20.

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