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Wednesday, 11/28/2018 12:06 AM (GMT + 7)

The Philippines have reached the semifinals of the 2014 AFF Cup. But the media still point to the limitations of Professor Sven Goran Eriksson.

Watch the videogame that coach Eriksson was a Filipino media error:

Philippines team With the representative of Thailand, group B entered the semifinal of the 2014 AFF Cup. Under the leadership of coach Sven Goran Eriksson, the team dubbed progress "Azkals" in terms of gameplay, tactical thinking. Despite not being at the top of the table, the Philippines were undefeated and kicking in front of Thailand.

Filipino Journalists

Coach Eriksson is still Filipino media "caught"

But the Philippine media still have relatively rigid ratings. In the final round of the group stage, the Philippines only managed a goalless draw at home in Indonesia and the game was analyzed by the press.

Writer Rick Olivares frankly pointed out the limitations of the Philippine team in Abs-cbn. Two matches against Indonesia are two different faces of Professor Eriksson.

Filipino professionals are not happy with the way the house staff came in. They think Eriksson is very cautious with an Indonesian who has no chance to continue. Therefore, the Philippines missed the opportunity to anticipate, for Indonesia calm and pressed the contrary.

Another limitation that the Philippine press "took" Coach Eriksson It's counterattack. "Azkals" is passive when Indonesia uses long home balls. Defenders not very strong in speed will be weaknesses, even the exit from death.

Filipino Journalists

Review article on the power of the Philippines

In the semi-finals of the Philippines will find Vietnam. Filipino media are afraid of speed and technology at the hands of Park Hang Seo technician. Cong Phuong, Quang Hai, Trong Hoang, Van Duc are very fast and have the ability to change the game.

Do not stop there, the personal situation of the Philippines is really hurting. The injuries of captain Phil Younghusband and midfielder Stephan Schrock are not clear. In addition, Daisuke Sato was called up by the club Sepsi OSK, while it is almost certain that goalkeeper Neil Etheridge will not be able to participate in Cardiff for two semifinals.

Although the "error" team practically professional knowledge the Philippines still entrust coach Sven Goran Eriksson. Journalist Rick Olivares believes the Swedish strategist has not yet unleashed and promises to create tactical surprises to defeat. Vietnam team in the AFF 2018 Cup semi-finals.

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