Iran decided to shock Mourinho when they lost face in the Asian Cup


Wednesday, January 30, 2019 10:05 (GMT + 7)

Iran has just been bitterly eliminated from the 2019 Asian Cup and the Gulf country is determined to reform with a big name.

3 goals conceded by Iran in the match against Japan:

Iran is considered one of the strongest candidates for the 2019 Asian Cup championship because it has a quality squad with the famous professor Carlos Queiroz. However, "Team Melli" lost to the Japanese team 0-3 and stopped in the semifinals. That was the loss of the "heart and clothes" of the Gulf team before "Green Samurai Warriors".

Lost in the Asian Cup, Iran wanted to shock Mourinho - Zidane - 1

Iran team lost to Japan in the 2019 Asian Cup semi-final

The bitter defeat, the Portuguese teacher immediately assumed responsibility for herself and announced her resignation.

"I do not know what words to use to describe the efforts of the players in the past. I have spent 8 wonderful years in Iran, thank you to all who supported me. Iranian recruitment can reach the world for years to come."

After separating from Iran, Carlos Queiroz is more likely to go to Colombia. The Gulf state also immediately embarked on a search for a new "captain." The Tehran Times has just released a shocking news.

That is Iran is pointing to three super-powerful to replace the 65-year-old strategist. São José Mourinho, Zinedine Zidane and Jurgen Klinsmann. This is revealed by the spokesman of the Iranian Youth and Sports, Maziar Nazemi.

Lost in the Asian Cup, Iran wanted to shock Mourinho - Zidane - 2

Iran tips 3 terrible coaches to replace Carlos Queiroz

Jose Mourinho is still "unemployed" after being fired by MU, Zidane is also very free since breaking with Real Madrid, while Jurgen Klinsmann is currently the US coach. For three big names in the coaching village, Iran clearly wants to forget the painful defeat at the 2019 Asian Cup and the 2022 World Cup.

However, in order to get one of these names, Iran must be very bold. José Mourinho received a salary of 20,7 million pounds per year. That's the hard price for a coach.

The Tehran Times also questioned the viability of this story because the Iranian Football Federation never confirmed it. They neither confirmed the termination of the contract with Carlos Queiroz. Under FIFA law, the government can not interfere in the affairs of the federation.

Asian Cup, Iran - Japan: 3 stunned attacks, entered the final

Iran and Japan are considered the first finals of the Asian Cup, because of their strength and reputation.


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