Iệp Diep Man Tu Chan Tu Dan was beaten by Ly Lien Kiet for blood


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Li Lien and Chan Zi Dan are two stars of the Chinese martial arts cinema, which are two colleagues from the martial arts training school called Ten Shu Hai, from martial arts master Ngo Ban.

Referring to Chinese martial arts movies, people will immediately think of popular names such as Thanh Long, Ly Lien Kiet, Hong Bao Kim, Chan Tu Dan, Ngo Kinh …

In this category, Ly Lien Kiet, Don Tu Dan (also called Chung Tu Don) is a brother and sister. They are all the best students of Master Ngo Bo – who is nicknamed "father of the modern Wushu".

The man of Chan Tu Dan was beaten by Ly Lien Kiet's blood for his admiration - 1

Chan Tu Dan and Jet Li.

Both Li Lien and Chan Zi Dan are the same age (born in 1963), but in terms of time he attended Cross Haihai School, Donnie Yen had to call Jet Li, his brother. Because Ly studied since 1971 when he was just 8 years old and began his martial arts career as a way to help his mother reduce the burden alone by raising five sick children and elderly parents.

Chan Tu Dan is 15 years old (in 1978) and was brought back to Beijing by Bai Bao, a martial arts instructor, for Ngo Bai.

While studying martial arts teacher Ngo Boan, Don Tu Dan proved to be a stubborn and difficult guy. Meanwhile, Ly Lien Kiet since the age of 8 was taught by martial arts teacher Ngo Bân to teach martial arts deeply and was succeeded by his small pupil.

Chan Tu Dan was beaten by the blood of Ly Lien Kiet because of his welcome

Chan Tu Dan, from the United States to China, studied martial arts teacher Ngo Ban because he was favored by a US citizen, so the teenager was very arrogant. Not only disregarding his colleagues, Donnie Yen also repeatedly argued against the teacher.

Master Ngo Ban was once so angry that he drove Donnie Yen out of class because of his insolent attitude.

Chan Tu Dan was beaten by Ly Lien Kiet's blood because of his proclamation - 2

Chan Tu Dan (red shirt), Ly Lien Kiet (gray shirt) while studying martial arts teacher Ngo Ban.

Chan Tu Dan's uproar left many uncomfortable students, including Li Li Kuan. Kiet has "itchy eyes" with this monk for a long time. However, because the school did not allow students to fight for any reason, it still tried to resist. Li's anger exploded as Donnie Yen once again challenged him, as did other colleagues.

The game between Li Lien and Chan Zi Dan happened in secret and only a few students were challenged to witness. At the meeting this time, Chan Tu Dan has not yet implemented the martial arts, he was knocked out by Ly Lien Koi with a strong blow that made the brother bleed with his mouth, tears shed because of resentment and regret.

Two encounters on the screen

Later, both Donnie Yen and Li Li are famous stars. Because of the series of martial arts films, even if avoided, the two still have to "collide" with each other.

For example, when both participated in the film Hoang Phi Hong – the macho son of the force, they had a scene with bamboo trees. According to the script, Jet Li will beat behind Donnie Yen. However, Li Li Kiet hit the area of ​​the monk's left eye, causing Chan Tu Dan to score 6 points.

Chan Tu Dan was beaten by the blood of Ly Lien Kiet because of his proclamation - 3

Someone commented, "The battle scene of Chan Tu Dan and Ly Lien Kiet on screen is the true picture of the relationship in real life."

So in the blockbuster movie Hero by director Zhang Yimou, the two continue to confront.

Everything during the training was perfect, but when filming, the cable support technician for Li Lien was neglected by having his cable section missing 2m. Then when the scene of Jet Li shook a sharp sword stabbed right into Donnie Yen's right eye.

It is rumored that, after the sword swept Donnie Yen's eyes, Li Li shouted, "Death, you're bleeding, still in place." Donnie Yen listened, then grimaced.

Five years later, the Martial Arts Star team wanted to gather 36 masters of Shaolin to film themselves. And of course, the film crew invited Chan and Dan Li to attend. Initially, Li was immediately accepted, but when he learned of Donnie Yen's involvement, he withdrew. Thanks to Master Wu Boi's influence, Li Li was reluctant to agree.

Donnie Yen publicly criticized Li Lien Kiet of movies to martial arts

Even when entering the market as a film producer, Chan Tu Dan and Ly Lien Kuan are also unavoidable "find". When Li Li Kiet's film, Huo Yuanjia, premiered on a visit to Beijing University, Ziyi publicly criticized this film.

In addition, when discussing martial arts, Diep Man star also bluntly commented: "Twice with Thanh Long, against Ly Lien Kiet twice." But the singer Thanh Long trained small martial arts, slow speed. interesting, not directly fighting. "

Is Resentment Resolved?

After the end of the War of the Sutra, "resentment grace" with Ly Lien Kiet, Ngo Kinh or not? For many years, the public has been looking for answers, but after rumors, Chan Tu or Ly did not comment. They also did not avoid controversy when they cooperated.

However, at some events in 2016, two people showed "happy face catch". While attending a charity program in Shanghai, Chan Tu Dan deliberately sat down with Li Lien and talked throughout the session.

Chan Tu Dan was beaten by the blood of Ly Lien Kiet for his proclamation - 4

The audience was surprised when, in the last years of twilight, two princes of the martial arts became more and more close. Photo: Sina.

"We used to have a past, when I was young, I was thrilled, I was bumping into gangsters and spoiled, so I was depressed and disappointed by my family, but at that age, I knew what the price was. life: family, friends and martial arts – I can not betray these three things, "says Chan Tu Dan about having a quarrel with colleagues.

Chan Tu Dan was beaten by the blood of Ly Lien Kiet for his admiration - 6

Li Lien Kiet, Chan Tu Dan and Wu Jing.

In mid-September 2017, Chan Tu Dan continued to surprise many people by posting photos on Ly Lien Kiet and Ngo Kinh in Hong Kong.

At that moment, the three martial arts players clutched their fists to show their strength, accompanied by a note: "Today, it's sunnier than normal. Three men who had an incompatibility got together."

This is probably a "historic" gathering because for the first time the public is able to see Donnie Yen, Li Lien and Wu Jing are so close.

By the end of 2018, Li and Liu will meet in Disney's Mulan movie. This work marks the third collaboration of two famous actors. Through the publication of intimate photos with Li Li, Donnie Yen once again erased the old rumors of disharmony.

Diep Man - Chan Tu Dan was beaten by Ly Lien Kiet's blood for his admiration - 7

When watching photos of two people, many viewers were surprised to find them the same age, but the appearance was completely opposite.

Video: Jet Li Chan Ziyi in the movie.

At the same age as Chan Tu Dan, who owns 7000 billion, Ly Lien is 80 years old for this reason

55 years old, but Ly Lien Kiet looks as old as the 80s man, making fans feel bad.


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