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I wanted my mother to be alive to see the children of the two front lines still having a meeting day

I wanted my mother to be alive to see that the 2-line children still had a meeting day - Photo 1.

Mr. Lu Gong Seven still tears of tears remind the day the two sides met in 1975 – Photo: QUANG DINH

Before I died, I just wanted you to have a love meeting day.


"We hugged and wept.There were many years of separate bombs, and when I met again, he did not ask me how to go to the Saigon soldiers, but I just mentioned how I was sharing the potatoes.I suddenly remembered my cheeks and wished my cheeks. Living to see the children although both sides of the front line still have a day of love meeting.

As he took photos of the time-stained photos, Lu Gong Seven had tears in his eyes to trust the special memories of his siblings.

Two sides of the front line

One family that Mr. Bay said was how many other families in his homeland had to undergo this bombardment and pain. He entered the army under the resistance, he was taken to the national army. The photos on the altar were dressed in different soldiers, but with the same father and mother …

"This is my second brother, Lu Cong Truc, born in 1931, former lieutenant of the Ho Chi Minh City Command. This is my father, Lu Cong Thieu, former lieutenant colonel, deputy chief of the province of These people are my brother, the air force, the Marines … "- Lu Cong Bay also spoke deeply about himself: the sergeant supervisor, witnessed in the battleship Tran Khanh Du in the naval battle of Hoang Sa in 1974.

Recalling memories not forgotten, Mr. Sete choked on his voice before April 30, 1975, the ship's captain made it clear to his subordinates that he would use the ship to evacuate overseas. that depends.

Mr. Bay had to stay until the last night to make technical preparations for the departure train. But before the ship left, he went up the rope ladder to stay. Behind the ship, he also had his family, siblings and old father that he could not leave.

I wanted my mother to be alive to see that the 2-line children still had a meeting day - Photo 3.

Seven brothers soon joined the resistance

"From the bottom of my heart, I could not forget the feeling of the first day of peace after many years of war." In fact, my heart was also disordered, worried, but still happy, very happy. my own ship was carrying people to evacuate south.

I have to witness how many people are injured, how many corpses, bombs, bloodshed everywhere. On the first day, there were no shots, no more people to die, suddenly quiet, strangely hot, "Bay said, as soon as the war ended, his brothers who were on both sides of the front tried to find each other.

This was the desire of the old father and also the desire of his father before his death.

But this is the story of the first peaceful moment …

I wanted my mother to be alive to see that the 2-line children still had a meeting day - Photo 4.

Mr. Lu Gong Bay – Photo: QUANG DINH

The time to push

Back in time, Mr. Bay relied on his family in Giong Trom, in the province of Ben Tre. His life was an advice, but his father was a teacher and joined the resistance, winning the Ben Tre government in 1945.

Brother Lu Gongzhu and his brother Lu Gonghu also entered the temple after the resistance of the nine years of struggle against the French. In particular, his father until 1949 was organized to return to Saigon to cure lung diseases and secretly operate the economy to serve the resistance.

Mr. Sete should have been on the revolutionary side since 1954, when the two gathered north to take him with him. But my mother pulled Mr. Seven's hand back, because that day he was still a 9-year-old boy.

The turning point in family history began in 1960, when his father was imprisoned by the Saigon government. The family suffered a heavy fall. Your cheeks should go to make money to support your children, Mr. Bay and the rest of the women will bring water for rent, coffee vendors. At night they went to sleep in the hospital. However, the brothers still try to study well.

In 1965, Mr. Sete was arrested and, thanks to his high academic degrees, was transferred to the Navy, acting as director. His two younger brothers were also captured in turn. The successor works as a repair technician without directly participating in combat. The younger son entered the Marines, but did not fight for peace immediately afterwards.

I wanted my mother to be alive to see the children from the two front lines still having a meeting day - Photo 5.

Lu Gong Bay was director of the battleship Tran Khanh Du before 1975

"I still remember three times advised us to go to the military, we had to try to work as a technician, do not hold the gun to the battlefield. The two older brothers are on the side of the resistance, I believe that every day you will meet. "- Bay added that in 1974, his father was linked to Vinh Thuan, Kien Giang, and visited his son Lu Cong Thieu who was deputy director of the provincial army of Long Chau Ha.

Knowing the children at home wearing soldiers on the other side, Mr. Thieu fell. So he stayed up all night to write a very long letter to the children.

For many years recalling this memory Mr. Sete still suffocated his voice: "When I read my father's letter, I cried a lot. He did not blame us, but it only reminded me of a busy memory. kids like he once advised: stop the time to force you to go to the army on the other side, try to be a technical soldier, do not hold a gun on you.

Mr. Seven touched his heart and read all the thousands of words in the letter, only to see his love and sincere warnings. That is why he and his two Saigon soldiers decided to stay in their homeland without choosing to evacuate.

When his family returned to District 10, Bay went to Saigon, but still knew that his father took him home as a revolutionary base, hiding the resistance activists. The son in soldier's uniform on the other side was not discouraged, but only advised him to be discreet, the situation was fierce.

At that time, Mr. Sete also believed that Mr. Lu Gongxian was the artillery battalion of North Vietnam that fought fiercely in Quang Tri fireland …

I wanted my mother to be alive to see that the 2-line children still had a meeting day - Photo 6.

Mr. Lu Gong Bay – Photo: QUANG DINH

Meeting day love

April 30, 1975, the country turned to a new framework. Bay's first job was to return to Saigon to visit his father, and soon went to Long Xuyen, An Giang met his brother Lu Cong Thieu.

"I still can not forget that our brothers and sisters hugged each other after so many years on both sides of the front." They hugged each other tightly and shouted loudly, "Who could have thought that those who used soldiers could still cry like that.

So all night we could not sleep, just sitting around talking to each other. Strange story is that no one mentioned the battle, the fight, but only told the old story, the story of my brother when it was raining, catch fish … ".

He met my brother soon after the country became united, but it took Mr. Bay three months to hug him. Because Lu Luan Truc was wounded in A Sau, Thua Thien – Hue before being taken to the North for treatment.

By mid-July 1975, he had just arrived in Saigon and found three younger brothers on the other side. Six years have passed, Mr. Sete still reported in tears this special meeting: "The image is not screaming or teaching, but I still have in mind that when I went to the hospital, I had a picture with me.

He also recalls that I was born on the occasion of the Fontainebleau conference in 1946, but not how my work was in 1945. "

I wanted my mother to be alive to see that the 2-line children still had a reunion day - Photo 7.

Mr. Lu Gong Bay (right cover) met with his brother on a death anniversary after 1975

Mr. Sete confided to the war that he divided the brothers exactly 20 years on both sides of the front line, but they still remember every past history, when you still had the same arms and parents, there was no hunger and each other. Two years after giving birth to her mother, he stood outside impatiently waiting to hear her cry. Their screams and the sound of bombs and bombs are more and more violent.

The country agreed, Bay's brothers met, but each had a different direction for post-war work. Bay was used by the new government in early May 1975, taking control of the flagship HQ503 to transport prisoners from the islands, transporting food and machinery.

The next step in repairing the aircraft at the Saigon Air Force continues to be the technical work at Tra Noc Airport in Can Tho. The younger brother is a Marine, taking off the soldier's shirt to run a company in An Giang.

Mr. Bay was still moved to remember what it was like on August 13 of the lunar calendar of 1975, both his family and new relatives had a full day's meeting.

"I can not forget that day, because that day was the anniversary of my mother's death. My mother died in 1967, before I died, only one wish, even if I was on any level, had a day of love meeting Only eight years after my mother left, the brothers and sisters were able to sit in the same house, but the love of the flesh was still as perfect as the mother wanted, "Bay said on the anniversary of his death. It's like many other death anniversaries in the south after the bombing. The people at the table used to use different soldiers, but everyone ignored old stories to have fun talking about the future.

That day, General Dong Van Cong also attended the anniversary. He is a close friend and former colleague of his father Seven. This famous general of the battle of Ben Tre raises the glass of wine to invite everyone without distinguishing who is on this side and the other person …

The seven-day brothers also drank together. Both lit the incense sticks on the altar of the cheeks and said that no matter which side of the battle line I wanted to do away with the bombs that were available today.

Meeting day, meat day, love …

After the war, Lu Gong Bay continued to sail. This year, 73 years old, he still travels often on a motorcycle to visit his teammates who participated in the epic battle of Hoang Sa in 1974. At the same time, he participated in the contribution and helps the families of his teammates. difficult.

The family of seven has seven brothers, including five men and two women. His two brothers were revolutionary officers, Mr. Bay and two younger brothers went to Saigon's soldiers. His brothers died and now they are on the same altar with their parents.

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