How did Messi respond?


How did Messi respond?

Messi is the number one striker (48 goals in all competitions), is the number one volleyball (22 assists), is the true leader with the captain of the ice Barca inherited from Andres Iniesta. The doubles helped Barca to beat Liverpool 3-0 in the semi-final of the first round of the Champions League, in which a penalty shootout was also class and bravery, the qualities are being recreated in the Argentine star.

Lust for glory

Before the start of the 2018/19 season, La Flega set the goal of winning the Champions League title for the fifth time in Barça colors, thus equaling the achievements with Alfredo Di Stefano, Paolo Maldini and the rest. Cristiano Ronaldo the enemy. However, according to journalist Martin Souto, close friend of Messi for years, Messi does not see Ronaldo as a destination, but rather compete with himself.

Sharing with Barça supporters, Messi once said: "Even when winning the King's Cup and the League, being eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Champions League (losing to Roma) still leaves us suffocated." We will do everything we can this season to bring the Champions League trophy back to the Camp Nou. "

Of course, Messi and his teammates do not give up on other battles. Evidence that Barça were crowned in La Liga and reached the final of the King's Cup. In particular, Messi still left a bold record with 34 goals and 13 assists in the La Liga arena. In the top five European leagues, nobody scored and created more than him. This shows that La Flega was never satisfied with himself. So he's going to the sixth Golden Ball, another record.
Messi changes this season

Messi changes this season

Self control

Messi never abstained from this season. Messi has retired from five games (2 La Liga, 3 King's Cups) since August, excluding the 5 away games, and started on the bench for another 7 games. Since he reached the peak, Messi has never rested so much.

In the relationship between Messi and Luis Enrique, coach of Barca from 2014 to 2017, there were times when the parties were very stressed. However, as Ernesto Valverde was sitting in a warm chair, there was always respect for each other. "When the coach asked Messi to rest, he was always willing," revealed a team-mate of La Pulga.

In addition, a reasonable diet is a factor that helps Messi to maintain a stable condition throughout the season. Martin Demichelis, a former Argentina player and Messi's best friend, revealed that, thanks to a diet of dried fruits and cereals, La Flega was no longer choking, the phenomenon did not happen less for him and no muscle damage.

The maturity of a man

At 32, Messi is the captain, the winner. He no longer lives in the protective cloak of his companions. It may be considered a mature step for La Flea to become a real man. In the family, Messi revealed: "Thiago's appearance completely changed my life and consciousness. Previously, my life revolved around football. If I fail, I'm bound to gnaw for three to four days.

Messi grew up thanks to his family and captain's tape

Messi grew up thanks to his family and captain's tape

Now, as the father of three children, Messi gives up many habits for his family. Returning from the football field, Messi is no longer face to face in entertainment equipment, making the most of his time for his family. Thus, La Flega recreates energy quickly. In Barça, as the captain, Messi also becomes more courageous and responsible.

Citing the semifinal match against Liverpool, Messi not only shines as a star with 2 goals, but also shows the influence of a leader through the act of protecting Coutinho. In addition, Messi also has an impediment to Arturo Vidal, after the situation of this Chilean midfielder handling hastily and for no reason.

And most importantly, Messi aroused his teammates after failing, not his supporters. "Before, when Barca lost, we knew he would be silent for the next few days. Now it's his turn to talk to us the next day, "said a teammate from Messi.


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