Holding money according to "son" in Nghe An to build a house, "an indifferent wife" left empty-handed and was subjected to food and money for debt repayment


Single mother "sucked bitter fruit" because she knew the khanh

The woman we mentioned in this story is Ms. Nguyen Thi H. (37), who lives in the Phu Luong district of the Thai province of Nguyen. The reason is that she does not want to specify her name and address because she fears that her parents, relatives, relatives, friends are heartbroken, people despise because of "wild boys" to "suck bitter fruit."

Speaking to the PV, Ms. H. said that, in early 2017 via Facebook, she was familiar with Mr. Ho Van D. (35), living in the village of Hop Lien, Dong Hop commune, district of Quy Hop, Nghe An Province. Both Ms. H. as Mr. D. all divorced, currently raising small children.

Getting together for a while, Mr. D. Having brought my mother, my brother and I, we went to Thai Nguyen to visit Mrs. H.'s house and asked her family to welcome this sister and her daughter ( 6 years) to Nghe An to live together.

Although he hesitated, he saw Mr. D. Have sincere feelings, often traveling from afar and afar, wants to give me spiritual support and my daughter has "father", then Mrs. H. agrees to follow "husband" in Nghe An.

Holding money according to his son in Nghe An to build a house, his wife left to go empty handed and was subjected to food and money to pay the debt - Photo 1.

Mr. D – The guy they owned was Mrs. H., who believed in giving money to herself and having to "suck bitter fruit".

When I went, Mrs. H. brought in about 100 million VND (money and gold). This is the amount she accumulated during the process of opening a barbershop and hairdresser in her hometown. By trusting "her husband," Mrs. H. gave all the money she brought him. that he build kiosks, repair homes in Hop Lien, Dong Hop commune, Quy Hop district (following the QL48 road) to be a barbershop.

At first, a peaceful life passed, Mrs. H. was happy to think that she had found the right man. She dreamed of a small house, a cozy wedding, and the "angels" will be born in the future.

A few months later Mr. D. Laos's business is not favorable. He fell into debt, borrowed. "Husband and wife" life began to conflict, cracked from here.

I do not want to continue to stay, Mrs. H. discussed with "mother-in-law" Mr. Đ. Let me take my daughter home. This sister also asked me to return the money given to Mr. D. Previously, I was building kiosks and repair houses (currently, houses and kiosks that Mr. D is renting). However, for reasons of losing money and debt, he had no money to pay for "wife" and wrote a letter asking for debt.

"Wife" left empty-handed and was also subjected to the money to ask … to pay debts

Let my mother and daughter H. make sure to leave, Mr. D. wrote "borrowed money" to receive a debt of VND 40 million for this sister to return to her hometown.

Mr. D commitment, the amount of VND 40 million will be paid by him in December 2017. However, so far, Mrs. H. has repeatedly contacted for money, but Mr. D. I have not yet paid anything.

Holding the money according to his son in Nghe An to build a house, his wife set out to stay blank with his hand and was forced to ask for money to pay off his debt - Photo 2.

Message content of Mr. D. send to Mrs. H.

Mr. D He also sent a message to Mrs. H., she rented her family kiosks for 6 months, 10 million VND, 20 million VND for meals and car rental, 10 million for him to return (10 million / 10 times) from Nghe An to Thai Nguyen to "learn" to get married. So, Mr. Đ. He said that the total amount of money that Mme. H. owed him 40 million dongs – was equal to the amount of money he wrote to receive the debt when the older sister left. So, between you, you ran out of debt (?!).

Reading here, Mrs. H. was speechless. Due to the call of love, believing in the "husband" she had given all her accumulated capital, he built kiosks and repaired houses. Now, my mother has to get back to my hometown with two empty hands, and be charged for food, car money … "husbands" and ask my wife to assign debts, subtract debts.

Although it was painful, but because of the fear of her parents, the brothers were heartbroken, so the people had a grief, so she had to be quiet and put up with for the last few years. But since she is seriously ill (open heart valve on 3 sides), she should seek to recover money from the "husband" to buy medicine.

For multidimensional information about the incident, Reporter The messenger contacted Mr. D. Checking the history of the actual damage above. He confirmed that Mrs. H. followed him to his hometown to live together for the time being. In the process of coexistence, this sister gave D. money to build kiosks, to repair homes for the purpose of building happiness in the long run. However, he said, the value is less than 100 million VND, as Mrs. H. said when PV asked, exactly how much money Mrs. H. gave him was Mr. Đ. said "I do not remember clearly" (?!).

Holding money according to his son in Nghe An to build a house, his wife left empty - handed and was forced to pay for food and debt - Photo 3.

Paper "debt" was Mr. D. write to Ms. H. to let his mother and daughter go white.

Mr. D I also admitted that I wrote a debt note (VND loan) of 40 million VND so that my mother and daughter could go home. Currently, due to difficult business, he has not paid, but does not intend to pay Mrs. H ..

Next time (Mr. Đ is working overseas), he will call Mrs. H. to calculate all the debts together.

"The amount of kiosks, meals, car rentals and trips I asked my wife to tell. If Mrs. H. worked, I had to charge to deduct the amount due," said Mr. D. said.

Mr. Tran Xuan Luc, Chairman of the People's Committee of the Dong Hop Community, said in 2017 Mr. D. Did a woman in Thai Nguyen occasionally go to the locality, "couple" and live together? Due to the large area, and in the mountainous areas, the government could not administer everything when they lived as husband and wife, but did not register for marriage.


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