Hari Won ate 30 eggs a week for a sexy look


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Despite her age, Tran Thanh still does not look like her, even younger.

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Hari Won is known as the "goddess of no age".

As a Korean-Korean singer, Hari Won made a lot of noise when he had a 9-year relationship with Tien Dat and then suddenly married male MC Tran Thanh. In addition, she is known as one of the talented and multi-talented Vietnamese celebrities of showbiz, ageless. At age 33, Hari Won is surprisingly young.

Like many other kimchi, Hari Won is very attentive to the care and appearance of the skin. She also has smooth, perfect skin that many people admire. Ask them, all thanks to the secret, do not just get. Hari Won said that if you want beautiful skin, take care of your plants like water every day. She sees:Women are not beautiful skin is not beautiful either "

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Sunscreen is an undesirable object of the beautiful Viet-Han of two bloods.

Hari has an insoluble object in the bag which is a sunscreen. As many people think, just to go to the sun apply cream, but it does not. She even inside the house, in the car, and even when she wears a sun dress she does not forget sunscreen. Because ultraviolet light can penetrate glass, tissue and affect the skin.

The condition of Zhenjiang is easy to gain weight, so the need to lose weight and control your weight always. But losing weight with it is not a painful process of abstinence and fasting. By not providing enough nutrients, the body will always be in a state of exhaustion and will affect its own activities. Then, "without goddess of age," Hari Won chose to work hard two hours a day, one hour of gymnastics and one hour of walking. Because these are good sports for a good fat loss and proper diet will help you lose weight faster.

She ate very little, but shared many small meals. Hari made five meals a day at 8:00 a.m., before 6:00 p.m. and two fruit snacks. "No matter how busy she is, Hari never fast, because if she does not eat a meal, she will eat twice as much as the next meal, triple the amount of energy needed to make up for it. "

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Hari's secret during exercise is to add energy to the body with chicken eggs. Eggs are among the best growing muscle groups. She also revealed that she consumed more than 30 eggs per week and was mostly white. Because of the egg white protein, sodium, low cholesterol … In addition, the gym is focused on squatting exercises are mainly to help strengthen the hips, muscle concentration of the thigh.

Hari Won said that coffee is not good for the body but if you drink less and see it as a method to support fat burning effectively before the sport, the beautiful girl born in 1985 usually drinks a glass without sugar, without ice.

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Looking at your appearance, everyone should recognize it has a young, good-looking face. Because of this, she also chooses a light and clean makeup to show off her natural lines. And about skin care, she's a pretty technical person. With the principle of "10 steps" famous Korean women, such as: face wash, water balance, two layers of skin, special treatment, essence, eye cream, sunscreen … are also beautiful people full. "Hari also applied only 7.8 steps, but skin care needs time and perseverance if you want a beautiful skin "Hari Won confided.

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