Hard to believe: cash frauds require more than $ 7 billion in bank vaults


Mix the negative cash into real money to buy Lexus cars

Nguyen Duc Thinh (SN 1987) and Nguyen Manh Thuc (SN 1988, all residents of the urban area of ​​Ecopark, Van Giang Hung Yen district) were arrested by the police in Cau Giay and Hanoi and have issued a decision to prosecute the case, on charges of fraudulent ownership of property.

Thinh Khai accepted his job as a broker to buy and sell smuggled cars on social networks. The process of getting online, Thinh knows him D. posted news to sell Lexus cars and contacted, agreed on price, transaction naming place.

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Thinh and Thuc and the car are the case exhibitions

On the way, Thinh arises the intention to usurp his car D. and call Real together. In addition to the amount of 40 million real money, 2 objects prepared a lot of negative money and blended among the stacks of real money, so that D. could not be detected.

Two fake monks use fraudulent money

On April 17, the Phu My town People's Court (Ba Ria-Vung Tau) sentenced Nguyen Duy Phong (32 years) to three years in prison and Do Van Hien (47 years, Tien Giang province) for two years and 6 months in Trick. Appropriate property of the island.

According to the indictment, in late 2018, Phong shaved his head and wore a brown shirt to sell. He "said" that the woman who had an abortion in the town of Long Khanh (Dong Nai) was "dead" and had to invite him to worship.

Hard to believe: the negative money exchange took 7 billion VND in bank vaults - 2

Phong and Hien in court.

Accordingly, Hien Hien went to the woman's house to "dump death." Hien told the landlord to donate 39.5 million dong and then grab the wrapped paper and asked to put the money in the closet after 3 days to go out and do business will be lucky. As they performed rituals, the two exchanged a pile of negative payments at the grocery store.

With the same tricks, both traded VND 79 million women in the town of Phu My. The victim, in the moment of taking the disc of the negative money into the closet, suspiciously opened the cloth to watch and informed the police.

Taxi drivers return 900,000 negative coins to western customers

On July 17, 2018, information about the social network appeared along with the clip, reflecting the fact that two French tourists were returned by a moped to 900,000 negative coins, after hiring that person for the tour. Old town with a rate of VND 600,000 / hour.

Difficult to believe: the negative money exchange took 7 billion VND in bank vaults - 3

Negative accounts are returned by taxi drivers to visitors

After that, the Hoan Kiem district police entered an investigation and verification. Two tourists appeared in the clip of Spanish nationality and not in French nationality.

The object that deliberately paid the excess in negative money was a taxi driver, not a cycle driver. This taxi driver received the car with 3 negative notes, two denominations of VND 200,000 and a nominal value of VND 500,000 for foreign tourists.

Trying to trade money … the underworld to get real money, see the police

Nguyen Van Sang (SN 1992, lives in the commune of Tam Binh, Cai Lay city, Tien Giang) on ​​the social network zalo, facabook … recommends that I have fake money to sell, 6 million VND fake money will be exchanged for 1 million VND real money. After the agreement, set a time to place the money for delivery.

Difficult to believe: The negative money exchange took 7 billion VND in bank vaults - 4

Potential negative power number Sang used for fraud

On the afternoon of November 21, 2016, the Sang nomination with 2 guests will deliver $ 18 million of counterfeit money at 30-4, My Tho City. When Sang is negotiating, he gets caught by the task force. Checking on the counterfeit money package that Sang brought is just money … negative.

Examining Sang's inn, the police also seized many negative dollars, tape, … Sang claimed to have cheated on an earlier mission.

Use the negative money in the budget

From 7/2013 to 10/2013, taking advantage of the treasury management in the PG Bank of Hai Phong has many loopholes, which is the fact that bank employees have the responsibility of managing the treasury only for the count. The real money in the fund according to the amount of money stacks off, without checking details inside the core of the stacks of money, Do Thi Thu Thuy – former head of the Vault of Petroleum Bank (PG Bank) Hai Phong branch was mysterious The bile carries foreign currency in the safe.

To avoid being discovered when checking the funds in kind, Thuy buys many gold coins and mixes them with real money for a sufficient number of piles of money. In addition, Thuy corrects USD and EUR balance data on reports by verifying funds in cash.

For more than 3 months, the total amount of money that Thuy has raised is over USD 300 thousand and about EUR 40 000 that PG Bank does not know.

Foreign currency exchange, negative deposit for foreign clients

On July 26, 2010, the Hanoi Police sued Le Van Quynh (SN 1975, resident Kim Dong, Hung Yen) for fraudulent ownership of property.

Hard to believe: The negative currency exchange took 7 billion VND in bank vaults - 5

Quynh's "votive money" sheets exchanged for foreign guests.

A day before, an Australian guest who was walking in the old town area, Quynh came to meet him. Along the way, the guest said he wanted to get out for a change from AUD 500 to get VND 6 million. Quynh said he could exchange a higher exchange rate … When the guest was brought to bring Quynh's "negative money", the police arrived on time.

Use the negative money to buy SH cars

On November 26, 2012, the Supreme People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City opened an appellate trial in a case of "fraudulent appropriation of property" by defendant Trinh Cam Tieu (50 years old, Tan Binh district resident, Ho Chi Minh Minh City). done.

Hard to believe: The negative money exchange took 7 billion VND in bank vaults - 6

Defendant Text on the court.

In 2010, newly released from prison, Tieu had a new "scam" of scams that few people expected: using negative money to buy genuine scooters and finding ways to usurp. Thinking this way, every day, Text buys newspapers to bring "research". Since then, those who want to sell genuine scooters like SH, Dylan … have been put on "sight" by Tieu.

To succeed, Tieu went to the market to buy cents to put in the house. Around the beginning of January 2011, through reading the newspaper, Tieu met his HTT. (27 years old, residing in District 7) has posted the newspaper to sell the SH150i car, so contact immediately. On January 5, 2011, Tieu set an appointment to meet Mrs. H. and cheat on her car. In addition, Tieu also held two other scams, appropriated a car SH150i and Dylan with a total value of 233 million dong.

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