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Hanoi Club and a beautiful game – 24h football

Thursday, October 3, 2019 8:16 AM (GMT + 7)

“Quang Hai just made a mistake. Your device is located near the 16m50 line. You missed a free kick. What a luck! "

1. This is a "live report" line on the Vietnamese Ambassador to North Korea's Facebook page, Mr. Le Ba Vinh, on October 2 in the afternoon. Due to host country rules and other special reasons, the second leg match between Hanoi Club and 4.25 (Korea) in the AFC 2019 Interregional Cup final (equivalent to the semi-finals according to the old format) ) did not happen reported live. To convey staff information and images during previous training sessions in Korea, the Hanoi Club must also pass through the Vietnamese embassy.

Hanoi Club and a beautiful game - 1

Quang Hai and his teammates failed to beat the Korean team. Photo: PV

Ambassador Le Ba Vinh's Facebook page has suddenly become a "channel" for Hanoi football fans as well as reporters. Many people came here yesterday to update the game score. “Your team keeps attacking. Hanoi FC are retreating to defense, ”updated by ambassador Le Ba Vinh in the 10th minute between Hanoi Club and 4.25. Five minutes later, continue another line of "live reporting": "After 15 minutes, the score is still 0: 0. Hanoi FC are having trouble deploying attacks."

"After 6 minutes of injury, the score is still 0: 0. Therefore, Hanoi FC lost," said the last line of ambassador Le Ba Vinh's game at Kim Nhat Thanh stadium. Ambassador Vinh's report by 7 pm yesterday received over 6,000 likes and 818 shares!

2. Having to end the AFC 2019 Cup is an unfortunate result for the Hanoi club if you watch the performance of Chu Dinh Nghiem teachers and coaches before 4:25, especially in the first leg. Hien's team really put a lot of determination into this arena after being eliminated from the AFC Champions League by Shandong Lu Nang (China).

The failure of the Hanoi club shows that Vietnamese football still needs more time to establish a solid position in the continental arena. The change in the format of the AFC tournament makes it easier for Southeast Asian "low" teams to go further. One of the strong opponents facing the Hanoi club since the start of the tournament is probably Binh Duong, the team also set a record for reaching the 2009 AFC Cup semifinals, when this tournament was also organized into a formula. old.

3. Achievements, however, are probably not the only things that the "values" of the Hanoi Clubs have achieved, although they have not achieved the results as set out above at 4.25. In the first stage in the Hang Day backyard, Chu Dinh Nghiem's ​​teachers and teachers received the applause of more than 1,500 spectators, the number was particularly impressive. And looking at how the media and football fans watched Ambassador Le Ba Vinh's report yesterday, you can see that interest in Quang Hai and his teammates has increased significantly.

Just two years ago, it was hard to believe that the Hanoi club's games in the V-League and continental arena received so much attention, even though they were still better than the rest of Vietnamese football. from the perspective of conquest. This shows that achievement is not necessarily a deciding factor that makes the Hanoi Club receive so much love. It's not unreasonable for many people to believe that the emergence of young stars like Quang Hai, Duy Manh and Van Hau are the direct agents who help Hanoi attract many fans. Beautiful style, beautiful gameplay with stars are strong factors that affect fans' love of a team.

Hanoi Club have won the V-League and, despite being eliminated from the AFC Cup, are still seeking another goal in the National Cup. Will a successful season in many ways be the driving force for Hien's team to solve historical stories to play better with the rest of Vietnamese football in the coming seasons?

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