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The visit starts at 13:30 – 15:00 on June 21 at the National Funeral Home (No. 5 Tran Thanh Tong, Hanoi).

The film Alone Saigon (directed by Long Van) released in 1985 attracted a huge audience. This is the first movie in the Vietnamese cinema to recreate the outstanding prototypes and events of the Saigon specials during the Vietnam War. Director Long Van recalls that he intended to invite a famous actor in the role of Chung Chung at first, but he thought it was like "replicating" the star of another film, so he decided to find a new actor. .

"I looked among the actors in Hanoi to see who could take that role and recognize Quang Thai, a theater actor I once saw. Quang Thai meets all the factors I need for the role: good acting, good looks, bourgeois behavior, "remembers director Long Van. So far, many generations of audiences are still impressed by the role of Chung Chung by Thai artist of Although Quang is a theater actor, Quang Thai's performance is not "dramatized", on the contrary, he acts naturally, without exaggeration, and his high appearance is also suitable for the role of Tu Chung, a brave and courageous commander of Saigon specialties.

"The audience from south to north, from old to young, all admire Quang Thai. Thai is happy about one thing because he thought he was crucified with Western roles, but now it's my intelligence role," said Doan Doan Chau, former director of the Vietnam Drama Theater. Doan Chau still remembers, Quang Thai is a talented Northern theater performer in the 1970s and 1980s, with roles as Sergei from the play. Lec-kut, Stories of Ranf on the island of Venus of the female gods, Peter in the Lost Diary, Poutong in the Arabian cave of the Restaurant Macxim, Tixafe in the case of temple burners.When artist Quang Thai retired, the People's Committee of Doan Chau invited him to participate in the inferior role of the game Summer night dream along with American artists and then joined the US to perform.
Artist Quang Thai does not appear in many movies, but focuses mainly on drama. "However, in any field, you always work hard. What I feel is that such an artist did not receive the NSND title. With his contributions, the artist Quang Thai totally deserves this title, "expressed the artist of the Doan Chau people.


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