Goodbye Lukaku, welcome terrible star


The latest news MU transfer welcome from the main goal, they are also about to bid farewell to one of the greatest transferable players in the club's history.

MU reached an agreement with Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is desperate for a right-back in the summer of 2019, the Norwegian teacher scoring many goals, including Crystal Palace defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka. The Englishman just went through a successful season on the "Eagle" shirt.

The last MU transfers Farewell to Lukaku, receiving a terrible star

Wan-Bissaka is about to be a MU

Wan-Bissaka is appreciated in speed, it also has the ability to work very well. In this year of 21 years, English is considered consistent with the development orientation of M.U. In recent times, the reds repeatedly sent suggestions but were rejected.

Crystal Palace declined the £ 40 million offered by MU, after which they continued to reject an offer worth £ 50 million, of which £ 35 million prepaid and £ 15 million depending on contributions. of this defender. Latest, according to the Daily Record, at the request of the 3rd team of Old Trafford have what they need.

Latest MU transfer from the Wan-Bissaka welcome news. Specifically, Crystal Palace agreed to sell the English player to the Red Devils for £ 55 million, of which £ 45 million was immediately paid with £ 10 million, depending on Wan-Bissaka's contribution and performance in the color of the t-shirt. red city of Manchester.

With this huge transfer fee, Wan-Bissaka will become the most expensive wing in English Premier League history. This star born in 1997 will likely become M.U's second freshman quality in the summer of 2019, after Daniel James of Swansea for £ 15 million.

Wan-Bissaka is currently in England Under-21 to participate in the European Under-21 tournament, the young players of the Three Lions have just lost by 1 to 2 to France in this match Wan-Bissaka is the goalkeeper in the final seconds. Help Les Bleus win 3 points.

Romelu Lukaku is about to be a member of Inter Milan

According to the Daily Mail, striker Romelu Lukaku has reached a personal agreement with Inter Milan, he will sign a four-year contract with the Italian team. Lukaku will receive a salary of £ 180,000 per week at Inter, less than the salary he is enjoying at M.U (£ 200,000 / week).

Transfer of United Farewell Lukaku, welcome rookie 55 million pounds of image 2

Lukaku reached an agreement for Inter Milan

The player born in 1993 wanted to work with Conte, he did not want to continue sitting in Old Trafford. The number 9 also wants to play at the fort instead of hitting. The Inter Milan trading team is still in the UK, they are accepting the transfer price with the M.U.

The Devil's side demanded £ 75 million for Lukaku, which is equal to what they spent to buy Everton in 2017. However, Inter have yet to agree to this number, the Italian team only accepts to spend up to 60 million pounds for this deal.

In the case of M.U disagreeing with £ 60 million, Inter Milan is willing to exchange Icardi for a player born in 1993. The Serie A team is doing everything to buy Lukaku this summer. After two seasons dedicated to M.U, Lukaku scored a total of 42 goals after 96 appearances.

Video of Lukaku's strange handling

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