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Thursday, 08/08/2018 09:15 AM (GMT + 7)

At 8:30 am, world gold prices were around $ 1,226 an ounce, down about $ 4 from the previous night.

Yesterday, the gold session rose sharply. Starting at $ 1,227, gold rose to $ 7 and rose to $ 1,334. Only this morning, the gold gradually cooled.

Gold prices rose yesterday as the US dollar fell sharply against another large basket of currencies after Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in the US mid-term election. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is now only able to govern the Senate instead of the bicameral as before.

According to analysts, the Democratic Party, which won the US House of Representatives, caused a small shock to US President Donald Trump and his domestic policy goals.

Immediately after the results were announced, Asian stock markets and elsewhere plummeted with fears that the new Democratic Party's power would prevent some of its business-friendly economic policies. Trump Investor anxiety has made gold a safe haven.

However, long-term investors also await this Federal Reserve meeting this week to assess the prospects for monetary policy in the United States. The Fed is not expected to raise interest rates this month, but investors are waiting to see if the Federal Reserve will provide clues about rising interest rates in December and 2019. the gold.

Gold price today 8/11: Gold cools after a terrible increase - 1

Investors are also awaiting this week's meeting of the US Federal Reserve to assess the prospects for monetary policy in the United States.

In the domestic market earlier this morning, Saigon Jewelry Company listed price / purchase / sale price of SJC gold: 36.39-36.55 million volume, down 20,000 VND / tael from the previous session. .

The gold price of Phu Quy fell by 40,000 dong per tael this morning and is now at 36.41-36.51 million dong per tael.

This morning the central bank announced the VND exchange rate of VND 22,725 / USD, down 2 USD / USD since the last session.

Vietcombank listed the exchange rate from 23,280 to 23,370 VND / USD, unchanged from the previous session.

Eximbank is currently trading at VND 23,280 – 23,360 / USD, unchanged from the previous session.


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