Gold Price Today 11/2: Domestic Gold Increased Dramatically Before Via Than Tai


Monday, February 11, 2019 09:22 AM (GMT + 7)

At 8:40 a.m., the world gold price fluctuated around $ 1,314 / ounce, a drop of $ 1 from the end of the afternoon session.

Last week, gold started at $ 1,317 and suffered around $ 1,315 in two consecutive sessions. On February 7, precious metals suddenly fell sharply when there was only $ 1,303. Gold then rebounded and floated around $ 1,315-1,316.

With this week, investors are paying attention to the new round of US-China trade talks in Beijing.

The United States has always held the view that it is unfair to ask China to shut down its activities under the United States as favoring state-owned enterprises or forcing foreign companies to transfer technology. However, the Chinese side expressed disagreement with these allegations.

Before that, the two countries had trading rounds in the US between January 30 and 31. Although no details have been published, Chinese media reported that China will increase imports of US agricultural products, energy, industrial products and services. The US said it admitted that the two countries "made great strides."

By 1/3, if there is no agreement, the tax rate on China's $ 200 billion of imports will increase from the current 10 percent to 25 percent.

However, in a response to the press last week, US President Donald Trump confirmed that he did not meet with Chinese leaders before March 1. It is expected that the negotiating delegation will have only US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Gold price today 11/2: Domestic gold increased dramatically before Via Thần Tài - 1

Investors are paying attention to the new round of US-China trade talks in Beijing.

At home this morning, Saigon Jewelry Company listed the price of gold bought / sold by SJC at 36.95-37.2 million dong / tael, up to 100,000 dong / tael compared to the closing session. before.

Phu Gold The first quarter of this morning increased by 50,000 dong / tael and currently stands at 36.95 – 37.15 million dong / tael.

According to the forecast, the price of gold this week will rise especially in Via Than Tai (lunar calendar of January 10). In recent years, Via Than Tai has witnessed people queuing to buy gold since early morning. Many people, especially entrepreneurs, believe that buying gold on this day will be lucky all year round, making shipping easier.

The State Bank of Vietnam today announced the central exchange rate of VND 22,895 / USD, high of VND 28 / USD compared to the last session.

Vietcombank listed the exchange rate from 23,150 to 23,240 VND / USD, unchanged from the previous session.

Eximbank currently lists the way to buy and sell from 23,170 to 23,250 VND / USD, an increase of 20 VND / USD in the direction of purchase compared to the last session.

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