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At the beginning of last season Bui Tien Dung Farewell to Thanh Hoa and then signed a contract with the Hanoi club. In the U23 Asian qualifier of 2015, held in Hanoi, Bui Tien Dung was used by coach Park Hang Seo in the three U23 Vietnam games. However, in the elected Hien team, Bui Tien Dung has not yet played.

Information from the Hanoi club said he had a wrist injury so he was under treatment. Recently, information about the original goalkeeper of Thanh Hoa appeared, who could retire early. However, Hanoi Club president Nguyen Quoc Hoi expressed his refusal.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hoi stated that Bui Tien Dung remained healthy and practiced normally with his teammates. Recently, he has joined the Hanoi club to participate in the 2019 AFC Cup. As for Bui Tien Dung's injury, coach Chu Dinh Nghiem said: "Tien Dung suffered a wrist injury, needing time to recover. I encouraged Tien Dung not to become impatient because, with the goalkeeper, the pulse is easily affected by having to stop the ball a lot.

Bui Tien Dung began to be known when shining in the color of the Vietnam U23 shirt at UEFA U23 Asia 2018 (China). Failure to play regularly in the Hanoi club can affect their chances in upcoming SEA 30 games in the Philippines. If maintaining a good performance, Bui Tien Dung will be the first choice of Coach Park Hang Seo. On the contrary, Mr. Park will definitely have to consider ensuring good choices for the U22 in Vietnam.

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