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Go fishing, catch fish "terrible" weighs 22 kg

Go fish catch fish

The "heavy" fish weighs 22kg.

On the morning of April 28, three people who lived in the village of Canh in the commune of Ta Co in Ky Son district fished a fish weighing 22 kg. Mr. La Van Loi, one of the three people released the sentence, saying that on the evening of April 27, he and two other people reversed the boat following the Nam Mo River to release the king's sentence. When I went to check the sentence, I saw that the fish was fighting, knowing that it was a big fish, so everyone carefully pulled it up. Everyone was happy to see that it was a fish, a special fish that very rarely found.

After bringing the fish home, many traders know they came to ask, so Mr. Loi agreed to sell for 330,000 VND / kg.

"Although fishing, catching fish on the Nam Mo River for many years and fishing for large fish, fish weighing 22 kg are very rare," added Anh Loi.

Fish to stop (scientific nomenclature: Bagarius rutilus) is a native species of catfish from Laos and the Yunnan region of China. In Vietnam, the fried fish Bagarius rutilus is one of the rare and highly economical fish species, classified as "five quarters" with lenticular fish, whitefish, pampo and blue-green fish. This species is found in the Red River system. Sardines are one of the species with high economic value, often living in areas of running water.

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