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General Customs Department: Strict handling of Volkswagen cow car trunk

Share with reporters Dan Tri Together with various press agencies this morning (November 1), leaders of the General Customs Department have more information about the case of Volkswagen cars displayed at the Vietnamese Auto Show, containing the "tongue line" satellite navigation map. China's illegal "cattle" that invade, distort, distort history, and Vietnam's sovereignty is causing public discontent.

Will deal with the most serious

According to the information provided by Mr. Can, by licensing a specific vehicle owned by the Registry authority in Vietnam, the handling direction now finds a violation to enforce the highest and most serious law. .

Department of Customs: Strict Handling of Illegal Volkswagen Cow-Shaped Bull Cases - 1

Mr. Nguyen Van Can, Director General, General Department of Customs

According to Cẩn: “Volkswagen imported cars are not driving on the road. Therefore, when starting the engine, a new map appears on the car screen, including the cow's tongue line. Customs is looking for a legal basis to deal with this violation. "

“This case will be dealt with in the most serious spirit, now the opinion must be attached to which regulations to deal with the case. Ministries are holding interministerial meetings to address the case, ”said Director General Can.

Share with reporters Dan Tri Along with several other media on the handling of corporate responsibility, Mr. Au Anh Tuan, director of the Customs Supervision Department (General Customs Department) said: He will direct and conduct a 100% rigorous inspection. imported cars suspected of violations.

“This is clearly a violation of Vietnamese law, distorting history. Currently, the customs office works with ministries and agencies to identify violations and sanctions. "

“This map is also within the scope of the Publications Act, so we are working with the Ministry of Information and Communications to identify behaviors for the most severe and dissuasive sanctions to prevent other business. recidivism, "said Tuan.

Violated vehicles are being held in custody no later than the following week with sanctions

In the information provided, Mr. Tuan confirmed: “Currently, the Volkswagen car is held by customs at the port of Cat Lai, not yet re-exported. Upon completion of the sanction, the decision to re-export or not will be decided.

According to the director of the Customs Oversight Department, to avoid similar cases, the customs authority instructed provincial and city customs offices to carry out 100% inspection of shipments of imported cars. the possibility of violating Vietnamese law by sincerely reflecting on national and territorial sovereignty.

"In addition to checking the quality of imported cars, next time it will be necessary to check the software, especially the satellite navigation software installed in the car," said Tuan.

“If there is information and images that violate the provisions of Vietnamese law and national sovereignty, they will be dealt with rigorously, not allowing customs clearance for these shipments. This requires close cooperation between the customs office and the quality inspection agency for imported cars, ”said Tuan.

General Customs Department: Strict Handling of Volkswagen Cow-shaped Illegal Cases - 2

Mr. Au Anh Tuan, Director of Customs Supervision Department, General Customs Department

In the course of customs supervision and inspection, if they detect goods with such violating images, they record violations and treat them strictly. For example, the goods in the goods box with images that clearly misrepresented historical facts, violating sovereignty over the sea and islands, the customs authorities will deal strictly from the import stage.

“When products are imported and circulated internally, the authorities will take steps to deal with them. Opinions deal strictly with these cases, "suggested the General Customs Department.

In addition to violating imported and re-exported goods, according to Mr. Tuan, the customs office will deal strictly, not only temporarily with re-exported goods temporarily. Because this type of vehicle must start the car to detect the map. During the check, the customs office only checks the appearance, engine number, cylinder capacity and other contents, while the car quality inspection is coordinated by the Customs Department. Register

For many goods subject to registration, there must be customs clearance results for customs clearance.

According to Mr. Tuan, this agency is reviewing the relevant legal basis, consulting with ministries and agencies for early handling. "This week or early next week is expected to offer a form of handling," says Tuan.

Tuyen Tuyen

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