Four people in the family are in trouble because of coal heating


Nhan (35, Vinh City, Nghe An) has been poisoned by poison gas, but is being treated by Nghe An General Hospital.

According to the doctor, on the morning of November 25, the hospital received four people from a hospitalized family in respiratory distress, an awareness caused by CO poisoning.

Through the hospital is known, Nhan Nhan new baby almost a month. On the evening of November 24, the family burned coal and closed the door to take the whole family, including Nhan and his son, with CO poisoning.

On the way to the emergency, his father Nhan does not pass. After the first aid, Nhan and his mother were transferred to the Provincial General Hospital, 28 days old, to be transferred to the Materno Nghe Hospital.

There were many cases of poisoning, fatal discomfort when heated by charcoal in the room. Many people do not realize they are breathing CO until they faint or ache well during sleep.


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