Focus on Hai Phong and Hanoi


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Focusing on Hanoi and Hai Phong

The focus game of the 6th round of League V is the duel between Hanoi and Hai Phong. The capital's team will return to the V-League with extreme spirits after a stunning 5-2 victory over Yangon. Despite being played at the Hang Da stadium, Hai Phong was never an easy task when fans of the port city were always nightmares.

Hanoi was forced to win a win in this game if they did not want to be left behind in the championship race. However, Chu Dinh Nghiem's ‚Äč‚Äčteachers were only fighting in Myanmar and had only 3 days to prepare for this duel. Obviously, the players' fitness is a huge problem, although Hanoi has a superior team to Hai Phong.

Most likely, coach Chu Dinh Nghiem will run some positions on the squad, which is an opportunity for Hai Phong to create surprises.

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Opening match between SHB Da Nang and SLNA

The V-League Round 6 will begin with a competition between Danang and SLNA at Hoa Xuan Stadium.

Coach Le Huynh Duc and his students went through a series of 3 consecutive games. They only participated in a brutal game against Hai Phong in the fifth round and are receiving a lot of criticism. Obviously, Huynh Duc wants his students to win a match in this game to improve their ranking. After 5 rounds, SHB Da Nang got only 6 points and dropped to 9th place.

Meanwhile SLNA is still a big question mark in the V-League this season. They earned 10 points, but SLNA's attack was not impressive, taking only 5 goals since the start of the season. With home advantage, SHB Da Nang is able to take all 3 points if they play at the right level.

Does HAGL have a moment of excitement?

Opponents in HAGL's V-League 6 are Quang Nam, the team so far does not know the scent of victory. They used to be a force in the V-League, but they suffered many losses after the 2017 season they won the championship. The HAGL also faced many problems and only escaped three consecutive defeats by 3-2 in the victory over Than Quang Ninh, the match that Van Toan had brilliantly shining. With the spirit of ascension and high performance of some pillars, HAGL is able to defeat a furious Quang Nam.

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HCMC will occupy the first place?

Ho Chi Minh City is the most impressive V-League 2019 club calculated so far. They have a series of five consecutive undefeated games and occupy the first place with 13 points. In the moment of excitement and advantage at home, perhaps Viettel is a disturbing obstacle for teachers and coaches Chung Hae Soung. If you win, Ho Chi Minh City is full of opportunities to leave Hanoi, because the capital's team will have to go through a difficult showdown with Hai Phong.

V-League round 6 schedule

V-League 2019, V-League round 6, 6 Vleague kills, Ha Noi vs Hai Phong, Hanoi vs Hai Phong


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