Farmers are insolvent because of "black gold": Save the state!


Farmers Pray for State Aid

As of 2016, the province's pepper died slowly. In 2018, when pepper prices hit the bottom, the life of the "pepper capital" continued to fall into misery and debt. Many people, who could not bear the pressure of debt, left their homes, "forgiving and praying," barely drinking alcohol, stealing and struggling, and causing insecurity to local security.

The sad and moody face of the pepper garden, Bui Thi Thanh (who lives in Ia Bang commune, Chu Prong district, Gia Lai province) confided: "For almost 2 years, I can not sleep well because of debt The main one is 450 million, the annual rate is almost 50 million. Every 6 months, once, but it is difficult to find food at the moment, not to say "backbone" to pay interest every year. family does not know how to repay the bank's original debt. "

Farmers are insolvent because of
Currently, the state of death is still in progress

"I also want to sell the land to pay the debt a lot, but suffering so far, no one to buy for a year, then it has to be. In the near future, the couple are planning to go to Saigon to have a co-pay interest rate, so they do not know when they can pay the interest. Lately, I have been called by the bank to keep on insisting, not to repay the debt. We also hope that banks can scale up and cut interest rates so that we have more time to earn money to pay …, "said Ho Ho Lam, 49, Thanh's husband.

Farmers are insolvent because of
Many people have to leave their homes to leave their homes uninhabited

In addition to wanting the bank to extend the time to pay principal and interest, people do not know what to do because the debt is too large and the economy is increasingly stranded.

As there was no money to pay the debt, Phung Van Canh (resident in Ia Le commune, Chu Puh district, Gia Lai) closed the area. It is known that Mr. Canh still owes the bank more than 200 million dong. Although he wants to develop new crops to increase the economy, Canh can not do so because the infected land area is difficult to recover and there is no more investment capital.

Together with people to remove "terrible" debts

On this issue, recently at the press conference on the socio-economic situation in the first quarter of 2019 of the Gia Lai Provincial People's Committee, Mr. Nguyen Van Cu – Director of the branch of the State Bank in Gia Lai – said, the The banking industry also has many solutions to solve the problem for people. Consequently, if the borrower has difficulty paying, the banking industry will structure the repayment period. Specifically, adjusting the term of the debt, extending the term of the debt. In addition, by reducing interest rates or reducing interest on loans for borrowers, or banks also consider re-lending people to restructure crops …

Farmers are insolvent because of
Mr Nguyen Van Cu announced the debt situation of pepper producers

"The problem here is that many farmers now want to freeze their debts, but the banking sector can only restructure, reschedule, extend debt and freeze debt only when the disease occurs on a large scale and under its jurisdiction. the prime minister agrees, the debt freeze will occur for a period of two years, when people will not have to pay interest.

But now the new problem arises that in those two years, who will pay interest to the banking sector. Previously, the central budget would pay, but according to current regulations, any level that offers to freeze this level should issue a budget to pay …

In particular, with an average interest rate of 10% per annum, 2.200 billion of bad debts will have an interest rate of 220 billion. In 2 years, that interest has risen to about 440 billion, that's too big! "Added Cu.

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